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TV with Freeview and Freesat built-in: Top 5 pre-loaded TVs

Freeview TV

When space and connectivity matter to you, choosing a smart TV with Freeview and Freesat built-in makes for an ideal solution.

Live TV, streaming, voice control and mobile compatibility are just a few of the key benefits, without any of the additional equipment needs.

Combined with a multitude of increasingly high-spec functions, smart TVs are undoubtedly a solid investment. But which Freeview smart TV should you choose and do all smart TVs have Freesat?

From robust, small budget buys, to top of the range big screens, we’ve lined up five of the best options to meet your needs.

Image credit: Immo Wegmann

What Is Freeview, Freeview Play and Freesat?

What is Freeview?

With 70+ standard channel options and an additional 15 in HD, Freeview provides free live TV across the nation. From CBeebies to Dave and C4 to 4Music, the service has every taste covered.

That’s Teletubbies, Taskmaster, Bake-Off and the likes of One Direction all readily bursting from screens in 18 million homes across the UK. While your choice in music might be questionable, there’s nothing dubious about the cost. With zero monthly fees, Freeview really is free. All you need is a TV aerial (and licence) and you’re good to go. Channel availability can vary between regions but it’s very simple to check availability where you live.

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What Is Freeview Play?

Alongside Freeview’s standard offerings, TVs with Freeview Play built-in enable you to enjoy an additional range of on-demand and catch-up TV. 20,000+ hours of it, in fact. With your smart TV and internet connection all hooked up, you’re all set to start exploring the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4.

What Is Freesat?

No monthly cost, no subscription and 200+ channels make up the core premise of the Freesat digital satellite TV service. Received via your satellite dish (either existing or new), Freesat offers free access to a whopping range of shows. Your Freesat TV allows you to browse popular channels, record your favourite programmes and pick and choose from a huge on-demand library.

Now, that we’ve established exactly what Freeview, Freeview Play and Freesat are, let’s take a look at some TVs to watch the services on.

Image credit: Mollie Sivaram

Toshiba 32WD3A63DB – 32” Budget TV With Freeview HD and Freeview Play Built In

At a glance:

  • Freeview HD & Freeview Play
  • Integrated DVD player
  • 720p HD Ready
  • Toshiba Smart Portal
  • Multiple connections include: HDMI, USB, VGA, headphone socket, optical output

Toshiba Freeview TV: Smart, Compact and Connected

At just 32” and 720p, Toshiba’s compact HD-Ready TV might not boast the size or full spec of its competitors, but when available space and budget are tight, the 32WD holds its feature-packed own.

Its compact size and built-in DVD player make for a great shout when surface space is at a premium. For the eco-friendly, the smaller screen not only boasts clear picture quality but impressive energy efficiency too. Multiple connections provide ample options for the gamers in the crowd, while Toshiba’s Smart Portal opens up an array of additional entertainment – Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Miracast are just some of the services available. Dolby audio sound and Alexa compatibility wrap up the phenomenal capabilities of Toshiba’s Freeview built-in budget TV.

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Hisense R50B7120 – Small Budget, Big Screen Roku TV With Built-In Freeview Play

At a glance:

  • Freeview Play
  • Roku TV
  • Roku Mobile App
  • 4k Ultra HD
  • 3xHDMIs, USB, optical and headphones socket

Hisense Roku Freeview Play TV:  Low-Cost and Loaded With Apps

When budget, bold screen and built-in Freeview matter, you’d be hard pushed to find a more competitive option than the Hisense R50B7120UK. Not content with simply delivering the UK’s first Roku TV, Hisense have packed in a 50” direct LED-backlit screen, quad-core processor, 4k resolution, HDR and DTS Studio Sound. Automatic updates keep you constantly in receipt of the latest software and as for those Roku features? Stream from more than 150,000 films and shows and download the Roku Mobile App to search, control and cast to your TV from your mobile device. Add a pair of headphones and you’re set to route the sound straight from the TV to your mobile via the Private Listening function.


Image credit: Jonas Leupe

Samsung Q80T – Superb Mid-Range Samsung TV With Freesat and Freeview Built In

At a glance:

  • Freesat HD
  • 4k HDR streaming
  • Object tracking sound (OTS)
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Google, Bixby and Alexa built-in

Samsung Freesat HD TV: Prime Performance at Mid-Range Price

Do you like your TV intuitive, immersive and with untold apps and a voice assistant or two to hand?  Then the stylish Q80T Samsung TV with Freesat could be the ideal choice for you.

HDR 1500 and 100% colour volume are a pairing made for clear, punchy pictures. Object tracking and adaptive sound combine to match audio and action, automatically adapting for on-screen motion and any background noise in your home. Perfect if your flatmate just HAS to hoover.

Samsung’s intuitive Tizen platform meanwhile offers access to pretty much every app going, including Disney+, Netflix, NOW TV and Apple TV.  Real Game Enhancer+ offers phenomenal on-screen detail, while Ambient Mode+ and a near-infinity screen design put the Q80T at the forefront of premium mid-range style.

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Image credit: Ales Nesetril


LG OLED 55GX – Stylish 55” Freeview HD and Freesat HD TV

At a glance:

  • Freeview HD and Freesat HD
  • Sleek gallery design
  • 4 x 2.1 certified HDMIs
  • 4k OLED self-lit screen and cinema HDR
  • A9 Gen3 AI processor

LG Freeview/Freesat HD TV: Minimalistic Style Meets Next-Level Cinema and Gaming Needs

If you’re a movie, sport or gaming fan, you’d be hard-pushed to find a TV that ticks more boxes than LG’s OLED GX. G-Sync and next-gen features including VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) readily match game console performance straight out of the box. LG’s 4k OLED screen, Dolby vision and Cinema HDR combine to product stunning natural colour, from crisp, bright and punchy, to an impressively deep black. Perfect for film and football fans alike and at just 2cm depth, the GX also packs in Dolby Atmos, webOS, Google Assistant and Alexa. That’s your streaming, immersive cinema, voice control and smart TV needs all neatly tucked away mere millimetres from the wall.


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Panasonic TX-65GZ2000B – High-End, High Quality, Panasonic Freeview Play TV

At a glance:

  • Freeview Play
  • Upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers and sound-bar built-in
  • HCX PRO Intelligent Processor
  • My Home Screen 4.0 and voice control compatibility
  • Professional OLED screen with HDR and Dolby Vision

Panasonic Freeview Play TV: Big and Bold, With Built-In Sound-Bar

For an investment as big, bold and sizeable as the TV itself, Panasonic’s 2019 flagship model is still the one to beat. With a custom-tuned OLED screen, customisable content and home screen, and smart assistant compatibility, it doesn’t take long to see why. Freeview Play and the familiar my Home Screen 4.0 OS offer key live TV, catch-up and streaming services.

4k Ultra HD ensures remarkable depth and detail. 8 million pixels bring a stunning palette, from the bright and vivid to the darkest of darks. Bluetooth, optical output, multiple HDMI and USB connections afford a wealth of choice, from wired or wireless headphones to subwoofers and mobile device and sound-bar compatibility. If you’ve got the space and a hefty budget to match, you’re onto an all-round winner.

Choosing a TV with Freeview and Freesat built-in can be a daunting task. Maybe you’re loyal to a brand? Perhaps you’re short on space but don’t want to compromise on quality?  Maybe you’re trying to convince your partner that you really do need that 65” screen after all?

With an abundance of great smart TVs on the market, it can be difficult to know which way to turn.  Why not keep up-to-date with the latest releases and tech news on our blog and swing by Twitter to let us know how you’re getting on!