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Which Freeview channels can you get? Postcode checker has the answer

The Freeview channels postcode checker is a system used to check whether your home location is eligible for Freeview TV.

There is no doubt, that as a service, Freeview is pretty incredible. The service is massive in the United Kingdom, with over 70 of the nation’s favourite channels included, all for free.

Whether you have a Freeview device and you’re unsure if you live in the right location for Freeview signal or you’re planning on becoming a Freeview user in the future, it all comes down to the signal strength of where you live in the UK.

Freeview is a huge platform in 2020 and there aren’t many places they haven’t got covered.

Why does my postcode need checking?

Even today, technology can’t always be perfect. Whether a cable has broken, the WiFi is being slow, or your laptop won’t turn on, it’s important to complete basic checks on your equipment on the regular to ensure it works seamlessly all the time. But, none of these come into play with Freeview if you’re not yet set up. Without a signal, the channels won’t come through to your telly.

Freeview connects with the signal from an aerial, so, firstly, you need to make sure you have a working aerial to watch TV channels.

Because an aerial signal is the only way to connect to Freeview, it is hard to say you can cover the whole of the UK without some faults. Therefore, some places in the United Kingdom are not yet covered with Freeview.

To cut out the conundrum of “Can we get it?” and “Can we not?”, the free TV service has created a way for you to simply type your postcode into a search engine and it will check for you whether you can get Freeview or not.

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How does the Freeview channels postcode checker work?

To check if you can get Freeview in you’re area, you’ll need to head over to the Freeview website. On the website, you will be asked some questions to see if Freeview would work in your home.

The first step is to understand what connections you have at home – you need to click on the one that suits you most. If you have more than one option, that’s okay, you can click all of them if needs be!

They then ask to check which channels you could get – this is where you add your postcode. This is required to check which channels you can watch from home.

Finally, it will ask which Freeview devices you already have (whether that is built into your TV or you need to buy a Freeview box – select which one is correct for you.)

If you don’t have a Freeview device yet – that’s okay, you can buy one online from Amazon here for as little as £27.99!

To check if you’re eligible for Freeview – follow the step by step guide Here

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What channels can I get on Freeview?

Freeview has over 70 of the biggest channels provided for no charge at all.

Some of the nation’s favourite channels like BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, ITV2, Channel 4, Dave and E4 all feature on Freeview. Whether you’re a Made in Chelsea megafan or an avid watcher of Antiques Roadshow, there’s something for everyone with Freeview.

There are so many more channels to explore with Freeview and that fact that it’s free makes the service even more enjoyable.

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