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Why Choose us?


Fast, reliable technical support is hard to find nowadays.


Rather than ringing through to an automated service or an overseas call centre, Digi Helpdesk does things differently.


We understand how annoying it is being left on hold, having to listen to an electronic tune while you wait.


This is why all of our calls are answered within ten seconds. We value your time and recognise calling companies these days can be a frustrating, time wasting experience.


If you are having technical issues they need to be dealt with rapidly so that you can continue with your day.


Digi Helpdesk will be there to provide you support when you need it most.


  • No contract – cancel anytime
  • No waiting times
  • Support on all digital equipment
  • Free remote control on sign up

Get In Touch

Looking for Technical Assistance? Get in touch with our team today by either phone or email.

Call 0800 433 7963

General Questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions

What technical support do you provide?

Here at Digi Helpdesk, we offer technical support on all of your digital equipment. This includes your Digibox, computer, telephone, broadband, tablet, printer, television and remote controls.

Can I cancel anytime?


You can cancel your service with us at any time, if you have already paid we will refund you in full.

Do you send technical engineers to my residence?

Sometimes if we can’t fix a problem over the phone, we may send a technical engineer to your residence to provide technical support in person. Whatever is needed to get your technical issue resolved Digi Helpdesk will find a way.

Do you really answer calls within 10 seconds?

Yes, we do.

In fact, if your call is not answered within ten seconds, we will refund you and continue providing support for a year!

Where is Digi Helpdesk based?

Digi Helpdesk is based here in the UK – we do not use overseas call centres.