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Can you get Freeview on an Amazon Firestick in 2020?

Firestick users want to know if they can get the Freeview app on their streaming device in 2020. Freeview offers a multitude of different TV channels all stacked onto one platform with no subscription.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as installing some other apps as there isn’t a clear cut “Freeview app.” Instead, there are some suggested ‘workarounds’ that we tried out to no avail.

Understandably, Freeview is very much sought-after as the service offers over 70 of the most popular UK TV channels. No subscriptions or contracts, these channels are completely free to watch live and on-demand.

Sadly, there’s no Freeview app for Firestick, however, there are some ways to watch free TV on your Firestick. Here’s a look at the best apps to install on a Fire TV Stick and how to download them.

freeview on firestick 2020
Freeview on Firestick 2020

What is Freeview and how can I get it?

Freeview isn’t just one channel, it is a viewing service which offers a selection of the most popular channels in the UK.

This means that there is more content in one place and you don’t have to download many different apps.

Freeview Play also allows viewers to watch catch-up content as well as streaming services such as Now TV and Netflix with a subscription.

To see which Freeview channels are available in your area, use the Freeview postcode checker.

How to watch UK TV channels on a Firestick

Can you get Freeview on a Firestick in 2020? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. But, there are some workarounds to access the channels that Freeview has to offer.

Although the Freeview app is available for download from the Apple App and Google Play Stores, it’s not accessible on a Firestick.

Thankfully, many individual channels such as BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, UKTV Play and many more are available for download on a Firestick. With these channels, viewers can catch up on all the best TV. Note: A TV License is required if watching BBC iPlayer content.

TVPlayer is also an app which provides great content with channels such as BBC One, Paramount and MTV available. TVPlayer offers a free version but the paid-for subscription costs around £6 per month.

Can I get Freeview without an aerial?

Of course, most people look to a Firestick if Wi-Fi is the only means of getting home entertainment set up. Usually, if an aerial connection is available, TV lovers would already have Freeview, Freesat or subscription-based TV, like Sky, installed.

If you’re without an aerial and wish to watch Freeview TV it’s unfortunately not possible.

Freeview Play can sometimes provide catch up channels with an internet connection but it’s not advised by Freeview to use this setup and it won’t always work. Freeview suggests making the most of the full service with an aerial connection.

What other apps can you add to your Amazon Firestick?

Besides TV channels, there’s a multitude of apps available for download on a Firestick which will enhance anyone’s home entertainment system. If you’re into competitive gaming you can watch Twitch straight from your Firestick.

YouTube often has something for everybody and is a favourite with the kids, available on the Amazon Firestick.

To guarantee your browsing is private you can download a number of VPNs to your Firestick, this can also enable users to view content from overseas opening up the opportunity to watch a lot more TV shows.

Entertainment on the Amazon Firestick is not limited to only video content, you can play music via Spotify on the device, too!

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