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LG sj4 2.1 wireless soundbar review: Is the speaker worth the price?

LG is headquartered in South Korea, however, its products are recognised all over the world. The electronics company emerged as GoldStar in 1958, and since then has been providing consumers with some serious tech.

LG consistently produce affordable yet impressive products covering everything from washing machines to soundbars.

We take a look at the LG sj4 2.1 wireless soundbar, weighing up all the pros and cons to help you decide whether this could be your next audio purchase.

There’s nothing better than making a couple of clicks on your phone to have immaculate audio pouring from a home speaker to get you through the day, so let’s see if the LG sj4 2.1 delivers…

LG sj4 2.1 wireless soundbar review
LG sj4 2.1 wireless soundbar review

LG SJ4 2.1 wireless soundbar: Superb audio quality and sleek design

The LG SJ4 2.1 wireless soundbar itself is comprised of four high-quality speakers and it also comes with a wireless subwoofer to enhance that home cinema feeling.

Most importantly you’re able to play all your favourite songs, hooking up to the soundbar via Bluetooth to kickstart any party.

The design of the SJ4 is also much more aesthetically pleasing than previous iterations that didn’t fit as seamlessly into any living room, we’re confident that this model won’t look bad in anyone’s home.

With the added subwoofer, you can really enjoy the bass and quality of the sound system.

Even when just using the soundbar for regular TV audio, the sound quality is superb. There’s no lag time at all between screen and soundbar which is sometimes an issue with other devices of this kind.

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Are there any negatives with this LG product?

If we had to pick something that we didn’t like about this wireless soundbar, then we would say it is a little bit larger than some people might like.

Let’s say that you have a smaller 40-inch TV, the speaker will dwarf your screen and potentially not fit underneath some TVs depending on your set up – so do keep its size in mind.

This product might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The surround sound and bass may be too much if you have a smaller room – however, there is always the option of turning down the volume!

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Is this soundbar worth the price tag?

With a price tag of £120 from Currys PC World, we would definitely recommend this product with all of its amazing features.

The addition of the subwoofer further solidifies the value of this soundbar. You’re definitely not going to be disappointed when you play your Spotify playlist through this product!



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