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Macbook pro cursor jumps while typing? Some simple solutions from Digi Helpdesk

Does your cursor randomly move around the screen while trying to type on your Macbook? Sometimes when you’re using your laptop, these issues can occur.

It’s so easy to brush past your cursor when typing and have it suddenly move from where you were supposed to be, to a completely random place.

Even if you’re trying your hardest to not make that mistake, it can still happen. It could even be a technical glitch. So, here as some ways to stop your Macbook pro cursor jumping while typing…

Macbook pro cursor jumps while typing
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Why does my MacBook pro cursor jump while typing?

Apple has set up a new feature in the ‘Tap to click’ option. This means that you can simply tap the cursor area once and it will locate itself wherever you pointed to, immediately. As easy and effective as this can be, when typing, it is so easy to accidentally brush pass the pad with your palm, arm or elbow.

To turn off the ‘Tap to click’ option on your Macbook please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Apple Menu’ button
  2. Go to ‘System Preferences’
  3. Press ‘Trackpad’
  4.  Make sure you click off the box for ‘Tap to Click’ to turn it off.
samsung n130 doesn't turn on Macbook pro cursor jumps while typing

My MacBook pro cursor jumps while typing: What can I do?

If you’re sure that the issue is not because of something you are doing – like accidentally touching the pad – it could be something to do with the items around the MacBook.

If you have lots of wireless devices near your laptop, they could also be creating the issue of your cursor moving. Try turning off any wireless items you have near your laptop. This will limit the Wireless Interference between yourself and the pad.

A weak Wi-FI connection can also decrease performance a Wi-Fi booster may be the answer

Macbook pro cursor jumps while typing

Have you cleaned your MacBook at all?

Another aspect to consider is whether your MacBook might need a spring clean. The cursor pad works against friction. If something is stuck underneath or over the pad that you cannot see, this could potentially be the reason for the cursor’s sudden jumps.

If a bit of food, dust or anything else is lodged around the pad it can cause issues, make sure to clean your laptop regularly to limit the potential problem occurring. You can purchase electronic wipes from several outlets online such as Amazon.

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