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Home TV Sky Q remote voice control not working? Here’s what to do next
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Sky Q remote voice control not working? Here’s what to do next

The world of technology has certainly expanded fast over the past 10 years. We are able to record programmes, pause them when we please and also rewind if we missed something funny.

Sky Q has introduced a new remote and with this comes a voice control action, meaning you can speak into the remote and it picks up your command.

However, even in 2020, some technology has its faults. So, here are some easy tips to follow if your Sky Q remote is not working.


Sky Q remote voice control not working
Sky Q remote voice control not working?

Where is the voice control button located?

The Sky Q voice control button is located on the top right-hand side of the remote. The button is slightly pushed out so you can feel where it is without looking.

In order for the television to pick up your speech command, you need to hold the button down just before you start talking and keep it held until you are finished with your request. If you let go of the button halfway through your request, the voice control will only pick up what was said whilst holding the button down. Therefore you need to make sure you always keep a firm grip of that button!

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Sky Q remote voice control not working? Here’s what to do

For us, a lot of technical issues with Sky Q are solved by restarting the box. Rebooting your router usually solves minor issues with Sky. Here is how to do so:

  • Start by pressing standby on your Sky Q remote, then unplug/switch off your box at the mains.
  • Double-check you see no coloured lights on the front panel of your box and check all cables are connected.
  • Waiting roughly 30-45 seconds, plug your box back in and switch it back on at the mains.
  • All you need to do is wait for the on-screen instructions to leave your screen and then press the home button on your Sky Q remote.

Make sure you follow the instructions above including how to use voice control properly and the problem should be solved. However, if you’re still having issues, then you can always give our team a free call on 0800 433 7963 today.

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