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Do You Need Aerial for a TV With Built-In Freeview?

Freeview is a terrestrial television service available in the UK. It comes with over 100 channels, to provide you access to anything you might want to watch. The free of cost service broadcasts “free-to-air” TV channels with great content from across the globe. An aerial for Freeview is necessary to get best quality service.

Do you need Aerial for Freeview?

Yes, in order to receive Freeview on TV, you need to have a working aerial. If you previously have one, make sure the wires and cables are not damaged. Connect it to the back of your recorder or Freeview TV to get the channels.

Make sure that the aerial is correctly placed and pointing in the right direction. This enables you to get crisp and clear content on your TV.

What Type of Aerial Do You Need for Freeview?

To get the best service, using a wideband or total aerial would be optimal. You can easily get them from a hardware store by asking for a Type T or Type W aerial. They have a wider range and can cover larger value signals for transmitting digital TV. Further, it also works if there is a change in your TV Signals.

Using a wideband aerial also lets you receive some additional HD Freeview channels. This will not be possible if you use a grouped aerial. Further, Type T ones are also capable of rejecting noise and signals originating from mobile phone transmitters.

You can also boost your signal which can lead to even more channels!

You can install loft or portable indoor aerials as well. They can work in areas with good reception. However, it is to note that they are more prone to electrical interferences from domestic devices nearby.

Can you share an Aerial?

Yes, you can share an aerial with your neighbours. If you live in an apartment complex or a closed community, a communal TV system is always a good option. One aerial can then provide service to numerous houses.

Ask your neighbors if they get high quality Freeview service. If yes, the reception will most likely be good for you as well. On the other hand, if the picture is not very crisp, you can always ask a technician to check.

How to Install a New Aerial?

If you want to get a separate aerial for yourself, installing a brand new one is a good choice. Refer to the aerial troubleshooting guide to understand the installation process. However, it is recommended that you go for a professional aerial installer. This reduces the chances of any damage to the equipment. The expert has previous experience, so the process would be seamless. You can look for a professional installer from the following two websites:

Generally, you can get an aerial for £150. However, it is mostly dependent on the area you live in.