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Where is the Pick HD Freeview channel? Can I watch Pick online?

Freeview TV is the perfect solution for anyone who loves a bargain. Across the UK, millions of households opt for Freeview over other television suppliers. Not only does the service provide all the most popular channels, but they all come completely free.

The only downside with Freeview is that customers have to remember to retune regularly. This is not often a hassle and shouldn’t take much time. But, in 2020 there have been some major disruptions to the service. Not a reflection of what the service will be like in the future, though, Freeview has undergone some service works over the course of the year.

Because of the changes, some channels have either been cut entirely from the Freeview service or they’ve moved to other numbers. So, here’s a look at what to do for customers who can’t find Pick on Freeview; has it changed channel number? Or can it be accessed online?

Pick HD Freeview
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I can’t find Pick on Freeview: What is the channel number?

As of June 18th 2020, Freeview moved the Pick TV +1 channel from channel number 92 to channel number 11.

The broadcast change is part of wider changes that are taking place across the Freeview service in the UK.

If you’ve switched over to channel number 11 and still can’t access Pick TV, try checking which channels should be available via Freeview’s postcode checker. If Pick should be accessible, try a retune. However, not all channels are available to everyone across the country.

Freeview users can watch the Pick channel in standard definition. However, for anyone wishing to watch in HD, Freesat channel 147 provides high definition viewing.

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Can I watch Pick online?

If you find that Pick TV is not available to watch via Freeview on the television, you can head over to Freeview Play.

Freeview Play can be used on an internet-connected TV. The app can also be accessed via mobile phone, tablet, laptop and more.

As well as live TV channels, Freeview Play provides access to over 20,000 hours of TV on-demand. Customers can also top-up the service and add other streaming services such as Netflix or Now TV to their home entertainment system. Pick TV programmes should be widely available with Freeview Play as not only is the channel (11) on Freeview, but Now TV also provides Pick TV shows.

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Pick Freeview: Premier League

For the first time in Premier League history, football matches are airing in June 2020 on Freeview. The matches are surely going to be a welcome addition to football fans’ TV screens as the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that watching live football is out of the question.

According to Freeview, “Sky will be broadcasting 25 matches via the Freeview channel Pick TV“.

Running from Friday, June 19th to Monday, July 13th, 18 matches are set to air on Freeview, on either Pick TV or BBC. For a full list of the matches, see Freeview’s fixtures.

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