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Experiencing poor Freeview reception on some channels? What to do next

poor freeview reception on some channels

Freeview is a fantastic TV viewing platform used in millions of households across the UK. However, the service is encountering many changes in 2020.

Many customers are experiencing poor Freeview reception on some channels as well as seeing that other channels have gone missing completely.

This doesn’t always mean that a channel is gone for good, however. So, here’s some advice on what to do if experiencing poor reception on some Freeview channels.
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Poor Freeview reception on some channels

Poor reception on a TV can come down to a number of factors. Customers may be experiencing a weak signal due to faulty equipment. Have you experienced bad weather recently that could have affected the aerial? Alternatively, devices in the home could be causing interference. Try unplugging other hardware from the TV leaving just the Freeview box plugged in.

If you Freeview TV usually works fine, it’s more likely that service works are what’s causing the poor reception. Planned engineering works are taking place on June 24th, 2020. As advised by Freeview, it’s best to retune your TV or box if you live in the Sandy Heath transmitter area. Freeview states that “Planned engineering work at the transmitter overnight could have resulted in a loss of signal or channels this morning.”

Perhaps the best option to fix your poor reception is a signal booster as this can not only help with your reception but also fix your signal allowing for a better quality of picture, it has also been known to increase your selection of channels, check out our selection of the best signal boosters here

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Lost TV channels: Digital

Customers who receive digital TV may experience the loss of certain TV channels from time to time.

After a retune, some channels may change location or disappear altogether. From June 22nd 2020, Freeview announced that a number of channels would be moving. CBS Drama, for example, moved from channel 71 to 67.

To see which channels you should be receiving, Freeview provides an online postcode checker.

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Freeview channels missing 2020

If it seems that many Freeview channels have gone missing in 2020, don’t panic, as they’re more likely to have moved channel number.

Most of the channels that have either been removed or changed number are +1 channels. These can be accessed via catch up on All4, My5 or Freeview Play.

For a full list of the channel changes on June 22nd please visit the Freeview website.

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