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Have your Freeview channels disappeared overnight? Here’s what’s happened to your TV…

Freeview TV is pretty much perfect for anyone who prefers a ‘no strings attached’ kind-of TV viewing experience.

The service provides everyone’s favourite channels including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4 and much more.

But, Freeview channels can change so frequently that customers can see some channels vanish from one day to the next.

There was a huge retune in February 2020 which affected almost all Freeview customers, so if you’re not seeing the channels you usually would, this could be the reason why.

Here’s what to do if your Freeview channels disappeared overnight…

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Why have my Freeview channels disappeared overnight?

Freeview often makes changes which affect which channels its customers can and can’t use.

Although this could seem relatively unreliable, Freeview often notifies their customers via their website when they’ll make changes.

This way you’ll know when to retune your TV and will, therefore, be less likely to miss out on your favourite programmes.

Coverage on Freeview also varies depending on where you are in the UK. You can have a look at their Coverage Checker, where you’ll need to input your postcode and house number here.

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How to retune a TV with built-in Freeview

If changes have taken place in your area then a retune is advisable.

For this, you’ll need your TV remote control.

Firstly click ‘menu’ on your remote control, then head to the ‘setup’ option.

You want to choose the full retune or ‘first-time installation’ option. This will be much simpler than completing a manual retune yourself.

If you’re prompted to delete your current channels then go ahead and ‘OK’ it.

Your Smart TV should automatically install the channels available and it may also turn off and restart.

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What channels will I get with Freeview?

Freeview offers over 70 channels, 15 HD channels and over 30 radio stations.

Almost everything is covered from entertainment to kids to news and film.

To see a full list of the channels available on Freeview click here.

The only thing to consider is whether Freeview coverage is available in your area.

There are other alternatives to Freeview such as FreeSat. Subscription-free TV is often available with many Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes.

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Freeview channels missing 2020

If Freeview channels disappeared overnight and the Freeview channels follow the nationwide February retune, this is to be expected.

Many customers have reported losing access to the BBC channels as well as the Sony Crime Channel.

According to Freeview, some BBC channels moved to new airwaves at the Winter Hill transmitter on February 20th 2020.

A quick retune of your Freeview TV or box should reconnect you to the channels it looks like you’ve lost.

To retune your TV please follow our guide here.