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Meet Jeff Lowe’s nanny on Instagram: Tiger King episode 8 reveals model!

Tiger King hit Netflix on March 20th 2020 and judging by the global reaction to the docu-series, it’s been a huge hit.

The rise and fall of Joe Exotic is certainly a sight to see, without even taking a look at the other people who featured in the documentary.

The eight-part series ended with a follow-up episode (The Tiger King and I) which saw the people who starred in the documentary interviewed following its airing.

He’s the man who took over Joe Exotic’s zoo and one who doesn’t have a squeaky-clean past himself, Jeff Lowe now runs Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma.

So, without further adieu, let’s meet Jeff Lowe’s nanny on Instagram…

Jeff lowe nanny instagram tiger king
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Who is Jeff Lowe?

Anyone who has watched the Tiger King documentary all the way through will know that Jeff Lowe is an important person in the series.

He ended up taking over Joe Exotic’s zoo and later joined forces with Tim Stark. However, by the end of the docu-series it’s clear that Tim and Jeff are no longer working together on Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

The show captures the tension between Joe Exotic and Jeff during their time of co-managing the zoo. And in a twist that no-one really expected, Jeff was seen to co-operate with the police, landing Joe in prison.

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Tiger King: Jeff Lowe nanny on Instagram

At the end of Tiger King episode 7, Jeff and (a very pregnant) Lauren Lowe revealed that they would be enlisting the help of a nanny to care for their new baby.

Jeff showed a photo of said nanny to the camera and said: “I said, you can get a nanny, as long as I get to pick her. If you’re going to bring in one, why bring in one that’s not enjoyable to look at?”

As confirmed in episode 8 of the show, Jeff and Lauren’s nanny is Insta-famous model Masha Diduk.

Masha has over 240,000 Instagram followers. And by the looks of things she has a long term boyfriend and the pair are based in Las Vegas.

What about Jeff’s wife?

Jeff’s wife, Lauren, seemed totally cool with the idea of her husband choosing the nanny.

Episode 8 of Tiger King revealed that Jeff and Lauren Lowe are in an open marriage.

As of episode 8, which aired April 12th 2020, Jeff and Lauren are still together and when asked how the nanny was “working out”, Lauren replied: “She’s hot”, while Jeff said: “Excellent”.

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