What is Mark Cuevas’ height? Is the Love is Blind star really that short?


Love is Blind is one of the biggest shows to hit Netflix in 2020. As well as Narcos: Mexico, Locke and Key, The Stranger and Babies, Love is Blind topped the charts this year on Netflix.

The first-ever season of the show 12 couples had a shot at getting married. But, as the title suggests, the singletons got acquainted without even seeing one another.

In ‘dating pods’ the participants got to know each other simply by talking and if they felt enough of a connection with a fellow dater they could propose before jetting off to Mexico for their honeymoon.

So, let’s get to know one of the stand-out participants of the series, Mark Cuevas – height, age and more.

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Love is Blind: Meet Mark Cuevas

Mark Cuevas was one of the six men to take part in the Love is Blind social experiment. His fellow contestants in series 1 included Carlton Morton, Kenny Barnes, Damian Powers, Matthew Barnett, Cameron Hamilton.

The ladies who appeared on the show were Diamond Jack, Kelly Chase, Jessica Batten, Giannina Gibelli, Amber Pike and Lauren Speed.

The Love is Blind couples paired up as follows:

  • Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack
  • Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase
  • Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli
  • Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike
  • Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed
  • Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten

Mark, 24 during filming, hails from Chicago and works as a personal trainer.

The fitness fanatic wore his heart on his sleeve during the show which landed him in a sticky situation during the series, but has now proved to be totally worth it looking at his booming fanbase since appearing on Love is Blind.

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Mark Cuevas height

Pretty much everything about Mark was picked apart on US show Love is Blind, from his job to his age to the fact that he ‘always’ spoke about his mum.

Another pointer that was made was his height. His partner during the show, Jessica, made light of the fact that she’d usually date men bigger than him.

The Love is Blind star is 5 ft 9, which is the average male height in the USA.

Where is Mark now?

As of the Love is Blind reunion, Mark is currently single. From the looks of his Instagram page, he’s still single in March 2020 as there’s no sign of a lucky lady in his posts.

It seems that he just celebrated his 26th birthday in March 2020 and looks to be totally focusing on his fitness career and making the most of his new and improved Instagram following over 560,000.

Follow Mark @markanthonycuevas_ and catch up with series 1 of Love is Blind on Netflix now.

What about Jessica Batten?

Like Mark, Jessica is also single. However, it seemed that the pair have made amends since filming Love is Blind.

It seems from her Insta that Jessica’s still flying solo in March 2020. Her sidekick and adorable Golden Retriever pup, Payton, is still in the picture, though.

Find Jessica on Insta @jessicabatten_ where she has around 440,000 followers.

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