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Can you watch Britbox on an LG TV? Samsung and more explored

Around 30 million people in the UK have a TV in their home. And with the addition of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, Hulu, Disney+ and more to our viewing options, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing something to watch.

In 2017 Britbox was launched in the US, providing the best of British telly to our friends across the pond.

British TV is really in a league of its own and everything from dramas to iconic comedy box sets are available via Britbox.

If you’re a sucker for British humour, feast your eyes on ExtrasThe Trip, Absolutely Fabulous and more. Or, if a murder mystery series is your thing then you’re in luck with Midsomer Murders and Downton Abbey on the subscription service.

Britbox LG TV
Britbox LG TV: – Photo by @christianJ

What is Britbox?

Britbox is a video subscription service which is focused on British TV series and films.

Celebrating all that is British on the telly, Britbox brings us all kinds of programmes and movies from Pride and Prejudice to A Touch of Frost.

For anyone who loves UK TV, there’s little room for disappointment with the subscription service. Iconic series such as The Office and Fawlty Towers feature on Britbox, as well as films Emma and My Boy Jack.

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How to watch Britbox

Britbox requires a subscription and you can register for the service online here.

Anyone with access to Freeview Play should have no problem in getting Britbox.

Freeview Play is pre-installed in many smart TVs such as Samsung and Panasonic models.

To test whether you have Freeview Play, type the numbers 1-0-0 on your remote control. The Freeview Play home screen should now appear.

Britbox LG TV
Envato Elements – Britbox LG TV

Can I get Britbox on an LG TV?

It depends whether your LG TV is a newer model or not. If you’re using an old TV, then it’s unlikely that you’ll have access to Britbox. Make sure that your LG TV is set to Freeview mode rather than Freesat mode.

If your LG telly gives you access to Freeview Play then you should be able to view Britbox.

Unfortunately, if you have an older model which doesn’t allow you to view Freeview Play then you won’t have access to Britbox, however, there are some other viewing options outlined below.

What if I have Sky TV?

Unfortunately, having a Sky TV subscription doesn’t mean that you’ll have access to Britbox.

The two subscription services are currently separate and if you’re looking to take out a Britbox subscription separately it costs £5.99 per month – the first 30 days are currently free.

Other routes to gain access to Britbox include using Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or YouView. See our article on the partnership between YouView and Britbox here.

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