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Sky Go Chromecast workaround: Get the app working on any device!

If you’re paying for a Sky Go subscription and you’ve also forked out for a Google Chromecast then it could be pretty annoying if the two aren’t working together.

Sky Go is great for anyone on the move or for multiple people to be watching in the same home on different devices.

And the Chromecast certainly has its perks, too. Being able to cast whatever is on your phone to the telly makes life that little bit easier.

However, some people have been having issues with casting their Sky Go app to the TV with a Chromecast. So, here’s an easy-to-follow Sky Go Chromecast workaround…

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Don’t let your streaming experience be ruined by a poor connection!
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Can you use Sky Go on Chromecast?

For a long time, it seemed that the Sky Go app and Google’s Chromecast weren’t compatible.

You can’t exactly load up Sky Go directly from your Chromecast but there are some ways to work around it.

Below we’ve outlined a series of simple steps to follow to get your Sky Go app viewable via a Chromecast.

Sky Go Chromecast workaround

Firstly, open the Sky Go app on your desktop computer – whether that’s an Apple Mac or a Microsoft PC.

Ensure that Google Chrome is installed on your computer and that the Sky Go launcher is up to date.

Now, to cast to a Chromecast pick something to watch on your Sky Go via the app.

Open a Google Chrome homepage and select the Google Cast option (this is in the top right-hand corner of the browser page) which should show a drop-down of the available devices in your home.

Then select the option under ‘sources’ to cast the ‘entire desktop’ which is the option to go for rather than just casting your current tab.

So remember to firstly choose what you want to watch on Sky Go, then using the Google Chrome browser select where you want to cast it to afterwards. Cast the entire screen and click share.

Now you should be able to see your Sky Go show on your selected device or TV.

How to get the most out of your Chromecast

There’s more than meets the eye with Google’s Chromecast and we wouldn’t want any of its features to go to waste.

So, to get the most out of your device you can stream all your media from the cloud.

Instead of having Blu rays, DVDs and downloaded movies everywhere you can download an app to organise all your media to be able to watch everything from one place.

Another great feature of the Chromecast is guest mode.

If you’ve got people over, go to the Google Chromecast device settings and turn on ‘guest mode’ and people can use any app that has the Google Cast icon such as YouTube.

This gives everyone the ability to watch the same thing on the telly – and you don’t have to all crowd around a mobile phone to see!

Lastly, if you fancy it, you can browse the web on your TV.

Simply choose the option in the top right-hand corner of your browser and cast your current tab to the TV. This might make for easier reading for you or you could use it if you’re browsing the web with someone else.