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How to fix a Sky Q error MR104 – a common Sky TV error code explained!

The Sky Q error MR104 is a frustrating one but it can be solved a number of different ways.

Sky Q is described as the next generation of TV, allowing voice control and offering a number of different apps including Netflix and YouTube.

You can have a look at some more features of Sky Q and sign up for the revolutionary technology on the Sky website here.

As with many of these new technologies, they, unfortunately, come with a fair number of frustrating error codes that mean nothing to most people.

A particularly common one is MR104, so let’s take a look t how to solve it below.

Sky Q error MR104
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What could be the issue?

The Sky Q error code MR104 occurs due to connectivity issues between your main Sky Q box and the mini box for each television in the house.

The main box is what draws in the WiFi, it’s then distributed it to mini boxes around your home.

If there are connectivity issues between your main box and mini boxes then you’re most likely not receiving a signal.

How to resolve this Sky Q error MR104

The first thing to try is to simply move the mini boxes closer to your main box and see if that solves the issue.

If that doesn’t work, Sky Q offers boosters which strengthen the WiFi signal between the boxes and ensure a good signal throughout your home.

Is there a problem with my network settings?

As we all know, WiFi signal can be quite temperamental for all of us at some point in life. It is a necessity that the WiFi signal is coming through for Sky TV to work, however, it’s a common issue for a Sky box to cut out due to a poor WiFi connection.

It is worth checking that all your network settings are correct and that you’re connected to your home WiFi, not any other one that hasn’t got a strong enough connection.

To do this you can follow these simple steps:

Sky Home page > Settings > Network > Setup > select the ‘Reset’ option and confirm it.



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Sky Q error MR104

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My WiFi isn’t strong enough for Sky Q

If your WiFi at home hasn’t got a strong enough connection, this can cause errors to come up on your TV.

If you suspect that your WiFi connection is too slow to support the service, check your WiFi speed online here.

A short term solution can be to purchase an Ethernet cable and connect it from your main box to your mini box. This will make the connection stronger as it is going straight from the main box to the mini box.


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