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What is Quarrel? Is the Discord app worth having on Xbox and PS4?

quarrel discord xbox

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s “all-in-one entertainment system”.

Released in Europe in 2013, the Xbox One is the eighth generation of Xbox consoles, following the 360.

VoIP application Discord initially launched in 2015 but was released again in 2019. It’s a free way for gamers to chat while playing on their consoles.

From the old days of MSN to everyday work chat on Slack, whether working or gaming, there’s certainly a place for chat apps in the 21st century.

Of course, when gaming, it’s important to communicate with other players.

So, let’s take a look at Quarrel and Discord on both Xbox and Play Station consoles.

Quarrel discord xbox
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What is Quarrel?

Quarrel is a client which allows in-game communication.

According to “A client is a computer that connects to and uses the resources of a remote computer, or server.”

It’s described by Microsoft as an “unofficial Discord app”. Because of this, some people would advise against downloading Quarrel.

Hundreds of millions of people have a Discord account. For the gaming community its the number one way to stay in contact with each other. By the looks of things, Discord allows for gamers to chat, therefore there’s not a real need to use Quarrel.

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Xbox One internet speed slow

If you’re having technical trouble while using the Discord or Quarrel app on Xbox, this may come down to internet speed.

Using any games console, you ideally want to avoid lag, loading screens and glitches.

To have the best gameplay experience possible, fast internet speed is favourable.

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How to use the app on Xbox

You can download the Quarrel app for Xbox via this Microsoft link – it’s available to install via the Microsoft Store on the Xbox One.

Quarrel is described by Microsoft as: “A frequently updated Discord client for all Windows devices aimed to spread the usability of Discord to Mobile, Xbox and HoloLens and non-Win32 tablets and PCs.”

Alternatively, you can download the Discord app via the Microsoft Store.

Should I use Quarrel on PS4?

Quarrel and Discord look to provide similar services for gamers.

While Discord was initially available to PC gamers only, it’s now possible for Xbox users to use the chat app on their consoles.

It is possible to use Quarrel on PS4, however, it’s advised to only use official apps from Microsoft such as Discord.

Plus, you’ll need a PC to get Discord working on PS4. Follow these steps outlined by to get Discord working on your PlayStation.

When Discord gets stuck on RTC connecting, follow these steps


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