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Home TV LG TV showing “could not establish a connection to access point”? Here’s what to do
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LG TV showing “could not establish a connection to access point”? Here’s what to do

lg "could not establish a connection to access point"

One of the main benefits of having a Smart TV is that you have a wide range of multimedia at your fingertips.

Whether you want to bing on Netflix or play your favourite songs, you can do a lot more with a Smart TV.

However, when things go wrong, you can be left without access to your media hub.

So, here’s what to do if you’re having issues with your TV and seeing the message LG “could not establish a connection to access point”…

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LG “could not establish a connection to access point” – What does this mean?

If your LG TV is showing this message it usually means that there’s a connectivity issue with the internet.

There are a few different things you can attempt to get past this message.

Sometimes simply unplugging your TV at the wall and restarting can get the wireless connection working.

It’s also useful to check which other devices are using the wifi – are any gaming consoles taking up all the bandwidth?

As a last resort, you can factory reset the TV, to do this go to the LG setup menu and select ‘factory reset’ under system or options. Once the TV has factory reset you will be asked to go through the wifi settings again and this time it should work.

Don’t get dropouts with Wi-Fi connection!

Sure getting simple access to the internet with your router is OK but using a booster to make sure you can stream HD videos while playing games is even better.

Is your wifi working on other devices?

Consider whether the internet router could be causing you problems.

See if your internet is working for other devices, if so, then that’s great.

If not, check your router, reset the router, turn it off and on again and wait for it to load up.

If you’re still experiencing problems with your internet connection, give your provider a call.

My LG TV connects to 2.4GHz but not 5GHz

Having an LG TV that connects to one bandwidth but not another can be very frustrating.

The specific type of television may be limited to lower bandwidth, however, it’s best to check your TV manual on this.

Check whether your TV has the capacity to connect to 5GHz.

One thing which could help is to create two separate wifi connections with different names, one for 2G and one for 5G.

An alternative is to connect your television to the internet via ethernet cable.

If you’re experiencing other issues to do with connectivity and your LG TV then give Digi Helpdesk a call for instant support.

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