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Five best wireless headphones for running – Beats, Anker, Jaybird and more!

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When it comes to choosing the perfect headphones for running you’re looking for a secure, comfortable fit, great sound isolation and solid battery life.

After all, you’re going to be wearing them for an hour or so each workout, so there’s some research required before you make a purchase.

Here are five of the best wireless headphones we’ve found for running…

best headphones for running 2018 Credit: nd3000 .
Credit: nd3000

Beats Powerbeats

Let’s kick things off with Dr Dre’s Powerbeats.

These Beats provide an over-ear, secure fit and good audio quality.

They have up to 12 hours of battery life and with a short five-minute charge you’ll get one hour of playback – making them perfect if you’re in a rush to the gym.

The Powerbeats also have a very stable Bluetooth connection and iOS connection for Apple users providing a seamless pairing process.

best headphones for running 2020 - Envato Elements

Best headphones for running 2020 – Envato Elements

Anker sound buds slim+

These cheaper headphones have a solid seven hours of battery life, plus they’re sweat-proof making them perfect for exercise!

They have a good fit and decent audio quality for a budget option.

The Anker sound buds are also magnetic making them less easy to lose or get broken.

Anker’s design for these Bluetooth headphones can also be applauded as the relatively short cable from earbud to earbud makes for a snug fit.

Beats X

Another Dr Dre Beats option is the Beats X.

Because of the Apple W1 chip, these wireless headphones seamlessly connect with your Apple Macbook, iPad, or iPhone and they can be registered to your iCloud account once you’re connected.

The Beats X come with various different ear tips and ear fins giving the perfect level of comfort and seal.

They come in four different colours and almost act as a lanyard as the cable that connects each side has magnetic ends.

On the downside, the cable between the headphones is relatively long and can get in the way, plus we would say that the sound quality is fine but not incredible.

Lastly, with just five minutes of charging you’ll get two hours of listening with the Beats X.

Apple AirPods

Of course, anyone who loves Apple products will probably opt straight for the AirPods.

The W1 chip means easy connectivity plus you can even tap different commands and use Siri to play or pause your music.

The AirPods are pretty impressive as they have built-in sensors – if you take out an AirPod the music or video pauses automatically!

If there had to be a negative with these wireless headphones we’d say that the audio quality isn’t mind-blowing.

For fifteen minutes charging time, you’ll get three hours of battery life, however, quite conveniently, the case that they come in provides 24 hours of charge on-the-go.

The on-the-go charging, combined with the fact that the AirPods are hands and cable-free, makes them a front runner in our eyes.

Best headphones for running 2020: Jaybird X3

Lastly, we have the Jaybird X3.

These sweat-proof headphones make them perfect for exercise, plus they deliver comfort-wise as they come with three different silicone and foam tips.

The Jaybird X3’s provide great sound quality and you can even adjust your audio to your personal preference by changing the equaliser via the Jaybird MySound app.

For fifteen minutes of charging you’ll have one hour of listening time.

The fact that these headphones are comfortable, sweat-proof and have a solid eight-hour battery life make them a great all-rounder when looking for a new pair of wireless headphones for running.