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10 Best mobile phone tips for over 60 year olds – Which phone should you choose?

mobile phones for OAPs

In the 21st century, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch, connected to the world and up-to-date with all the latest technology however when looking for the ideal mobile phones for OAPs, it is essential to research the options to make sure the choice you make includes the correct specifications.

We live in a world of 4G, Android, Bluetooth, and Apple.

So, as an older person or anyone new to smartphones it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for to find the ideal mobile phone.

Here are ten tips for over 60’s for when it comes to buying your smartphone.
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Don’t Splurge

It’s easily done but don’t go for the offers that are often paraded in front of you the second you walk into a phone shop.

Shop around for the best deals. Even going for a phone that’s one or two generations old will save you a lot of money. Find something that suits your needs – not something that’s just come out.

Our top choices of mobile phones for OAPs

Assess Your Needs

Mobile phones come with a variety of different benefits.

Do you want an mp3 player? Does it come with an in-car charger? Will you use Bluetooth or do you just want a phone for the basics?

Look at whether you’re an internet browser or someone who chats on the phone for hours.

If you love music, go for a mobile phone with fm radio, or the ability to download apps.

There are many phones engineered for the more mature person with good call quality, hours of talk time and great data bundles.

Choose Durability

Perhaps it’s better to go for a convenient hardy flip phone over the brand new glass iPhone X.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So when you’ve got your spanking new phone make sure that you buy a good quality screen protector.

There should also be many cases available for your mobile, or if not, eBay is a great place to buy phone cases.

Battery Life

Decide whether battery life is something that’s important to you when buying your phone.

Most smartphones have a great battery life but there are other options such as the Doro 410 that have monster battery life – so you’ll never have to worry.


There are many compact, stylish smartphones on the market nowadays such as the Moto G+. However, if your phone is so lightweight that you’ve forgotten it’s in your pocket or you can’t feel that it’s in your bag, then you may have a problem.

Consider opting for a more weighty phone that is easy to hold.

This may also help out with the other factor of affordability. The sleek OnePlus 6 will set you back a hefty fee whereas a classic Nokia 105 may not look as swish but they can be bought for around £20.


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Screen Size

Always opt for a mobile phone that offers a clear and bright display.

We would advise going for a phone with a 5’5 inch display ideally, however, there are many smaller screen options which are still clear to read and easy to use.


The main aspects older people tend to consider when looking for a mobile phone are that it is easy-to-read and has extra-large keys.

However, aside from a large font, large icons can also be helpful as well as other options such as an emergency SOS button.

Buttons or no Buttons?

One key element to consider when purchasing your smartphone is whether you’d prefer buttons or a touchscreen phone.

Many people opt for a model with spread out buttons such as the Doro PhoneEasy 612, however, the Microsoft Lumia 550 is a touchscreen smartphone that many people love.

What Does Everyone Else Have?

It’s a good idea to ask friends or family which phones they have.

If your whole family swear by Apple and only go for iPhones then it could be better to join them as if you have any issues or questions they can easily help you out.

If all your friends have opted for an android mobile phone then, again, perhaps it’s wise to do the same.

However, whichever option you choose, be it a Doro, a Nokia or a Microsoft phone Digi Helpdesk is only a call away to help you with any of your digital devices.

Is it Your Only Device?

Lastly, do look at how many devices you have already.

If you have an iPad that you tend to browse the web on, then perhaps you don’t need a phone for much more than calls and texts.

However, if your smartphone will be the only device you use then it may be better to go for one with a bigger screen or more multimedia options.