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Freeview retune 2020 North West: When is it? Will any channels change?

Freeview is a TV platform which millions of people in the UK use every day to watch their favourite programmes.

For some Freeview customers, channels may disappear from time to time, however, it’s usually an easy fix with a quick retune.

Through 2019 and 2020, a huge Freeview retune is taking place across the UK – for the 700MHz clearance programme – to find out more about this, please click here.

Dependent on the area you live, your access to Freeview channels will differ. When is the Freeview retune 2020 for the North West? Will any channels change?

Freeview retune 2020 North West
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When is the 2020 Freeview retune?

Since September 2019, the new 700MHz clearance programme has been rolled out across the country, area by area.

Channel and signal changes took place in late 2019 while the retune began on February 5th 2020 in Yorkshire, Chesterfield, parts of Sheffield, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire and parts of the Creake area.

See a full list of the Freeview retune dates and the correlating areas, please see our article here.

The retune dates will continue across the UK into March and April 2020. However, works were postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Freeview retune 2020 North West

By the looks of things, the Freeview retune should have taken place for the most part in the North West of England.

According to the latest service updates from Freeview, Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Staffordshire fall under the ‘Winter Hill’ transmitter. Works took place at Winter Hill on February 20th 2020.

However, more works were due to take place at Winter Hill in March/April 2020. The works have been postponed for the time being, however, by visiting this Freeview page, you can see when they’ll commence after they’re announced once the lockdown is over.

Freeview retune 2020 problems

If your channels have been affected since the February 20th retune, you’re not alone.

Many Freeview customers across the country have experienced some changes with their TV viewing in 2020.

To get things up and running as they should, it’s best to carry out a retune.

For details on carrying out a retune on your TV, please see our guide here.

If after a retune, you’re still experiencing issues with Freeview viewing, you may require assistance from Freeview themselves.

In some cases, a new aerial may be required because of the 2020 works. To enquire about this, Freeview advises contacting them via freephone 0808 100 0288.

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