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Watch Premier League football on Freeview: Pick & Pick+1 channel numbers

Freeview customers will be pleased to know they can now watch Premier League via the Pick TV channel.

If there’s one thing football lovers have missed out on in 2020 it’s heading down to the stadium to watch their favourite team play. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, football matches were totally called off. But, Sky TV is now airing Premier League matches on free-to-air TV.

Now, everyone can get in on the action, and a Sky Sports subscription isn’t even necessary.

No, the atmosphere of the living room is not going to be quite the same as the stands, but football fans are surely going to be pleased with the fact that they can watch all the important games for free.

Let’s take a look at how to watch Premier League football on Freeview as well as the changing Pick TV channel numbers.

pick freeview channel football
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Freeview: Watch Pick TV for Premier League games

Pick TV is a TV channel owned by Sky TV. Some may be more familiar with Sky Three rather than Pick TV, however, they’re essentially the same thing.

Because of Coronavirus halting the football season altogether, it seems that Sky has made the decision of airing the Premier League games on Freeview TV for more football fans to be able to enjoy them.

Pick TV viewers can enjoy all kinds of shows via the channel, however, it’s most likely that football fans will be making the most of Pick this summer.

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What is the Pick channel number?

Football fans can watch Premier League matches via the Pick TV channel on Freeview. Head over to channel number 11 for Pick TV.

On June 18th 2020, the channel moved from 92 to 11. This is part of many changes that are taking place on the Freeview service this year.

If you’re unable to find Pick TV or Pick TV +1 channels, a retune may be in order. This will bring your Freeview TV or box up to date.

When are the Premier League matches airing on Freeview?

Kicking off from June 19 2020, as outlined by Freeview, the premier league fixtures are as follows.

  • Friday, June 19: 6 pm – Norwich v Southampton
  • Saturday, June 20: 7:45 pm – Bournemouth v Crystal Palace (BBC)
  • Sunday, June 21: 2 pm – Newcastle v Sheffield United
  • Sunday, June 21: 7 pm – Everton v Liverpool
  • Wednesday, June 24: 6 pm – Manchester United v Sheffield United
  • Wednesday, June 24: 6 pm – Norwich v Everton (BBC)
  • Thursday, June 25: 6 pm – Burnley v Watford
  • Sunday, June 28: 4:30 pm – Watford v Southampton
  • Tuesday, June 30: 8:15 pm – Brighton v Manchester United
  • Wednesday, July 1: 6 pm – Bournemouth v Newcastle
  • Saturday, July 4: 3 pm – Leicester vs C Palace
  • Sunday, July 5: 12 pm – Burnley vs Sheffield Utd
  • Sunday, July 5: 7 pm – Southampton vs Man City (BBC)
  • Tuesday, July 7: 6 pm – Watford vs Norwich
  • Thursday, July 9: 6 pm – Bournemouth vs Tottenham
  • Sunday, July 12:12 pm – Wolves vs Everton
  • Sunday, July 12: 7 pm – Bournemouth vs Leicester
  • Monday, July 13: 8 pm – Man United vs Southampton

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