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What does ‘nrs’ mean on Snapchat? Abbreviations and slang decoded!

Created in 2011, Snapchat is a social media app that has changed the way we communicate forever.

Its creators may have never realised that it would soon become a part of almost everyone’s everyday life.

Whether you’re trying out the latest flower filter or love using the app’s AR objects and stickers, there’s something for everyone on Snapchat.

The world of social media certainly comes with some phrases and abbreviations that didn’t even exist before. And now, users of Snapchat and social media, in general, are wondering what exactly ‘nrs’ means? Is it slang for something?

What does 'nrs' mean on Snapchat?
Elements Envato – What does ‘nrs’ mean on Snapchat?

What does ‘nrs’ mean on Snapchat?

There are many abbreviations used on apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

And ‘nrs’ is a pretty straightforward one. The term ‘nrs’ means “no replies”.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘nrs’ basically implies that you’re too busy or simply don’t want to reply to anyone.

So, if you’re about to hit the hay, you’ve run out of data or for any reason, you want to let everyone know you shan’t be replying to their messages, then simply adding ‘nrs’ to a snap is the way forward.

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What does ‘s/r’ mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat users are almost verging on having their very own language at this point.

And if you’re just getting accustomed to all the different terms and word-shortenings then you might need a hand along the way.

The abbreviation ‘s/r’ most likely means ‘slow replies’, so by adding this to a snap, you’re basically warning everyone that if they send you a message, they’re unlikely to get a reply for a while.

Some Snapchat users have suggested that ‘s/r’ could mean ‘Streaks/Recents’ which would mean that the person sending you ‘s/r’ wants to keep your Snap streak going on the app (sending snaps back and forth) or you’re one of their ‘recents’ in terms of people who’ve sent them snaps.

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What other abbreviations do people use on Snapchat?

As well as ‘nrs’, there are a tonne of other abbreviations you can use on Snapchat to make life easier.

Many people are savvy when it comes to ‘DM’ or ‘PM’, simply meaning ‘direct’ or ‘private’ message.

If you’re after some social interaction online then adding ‘AMA’ to a post, which means ‘Ask me anything’, is sure to get followers engaged.

When it comes to posting on specific days of the week, you’ve got ‘TBT’ and ‘FBF’ which stand for ‘Throwback Thursday’ and ‘Flashback Friday’. Even ‘WBW’ – Way Back Wednesday looks to be a thing now.

FOMO is an abbreviation that seems to have crept into popular culture in 2020. Pizza chain Dominos seem to have capitalised on the phrase and push JOMO – ‘The Joy Of Missing Out’ – as a marketing tool for their customers.

For The Win (FTW), In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), In Real Life (IRL), Behind The Scenes (BTS), Not Safe For Work (NSFW), Shaking My Head (SMH), As F*** (AF) and Hit ME Up (HMU) are all commonly used abbreviations on social media, too.


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