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7 Best Phone Covers For iPhone 5c (2020)

iPhone 5c

There’s nothing better than peeling off the plastic film from a new phone and getting it all set up, and with a new phone, you want the best accessories to keep it safe. In this article we’re going to be revealing all about the 7 best phone covers for iPhone 5c.

After reading this article we’re sure that there will be an iPhone 5c cover perfect for you to go out and purchase. So, let’s get straight to it and have a look at the 7 best Apple iPhone 5C phone covers out there.

Mulbess Folio Wallet Case:

This iPhone 5c case is perfect for people who can’t keeping things in one place without losing them! When going out to the shopping mall or into town for a drink and taking a bag isn’t an option, there’s always a worry about losing bank and loyalty cards but with this case there’s no need to worry about that as the Mulbess folio wallet case allows your phone and cards to be in one place.

With a space for cards to be slotted into, there won’t be any worries about losing cards again! This case is also designed so it will stand up, just flip the back of the case to the front to allow for an easy viewing screen – perfect for the commute to work when there’s catch up tv to be watched.

If white or black is too boring of a colour then luckily there’s a variety of colours to choose from including pink, yellow, blue, green and lilac.

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Kantas Silicone Marble Case:

This affordable plastic iPhone case come with a great design and is sure to keep your phone safe and secure. This Apple iPhone phone case is great for self-confessed selfie queens as it comes with a free ring to match the style of the case that’s able to stick to the back of the case as a stand.

This case has been precisely cut out in the right places so there’s no need to take the phone out of the case when the volume needs to turned up or the phone needs to be switched off.

The material of this case is TPU which means that it’s a flexible plastic that won’t shatter if it has a little bump to the ground. As the case isn’t hard plastic, it means that the marble design won’t fade or scratch away like sometimes other hard plastic phone cases do. instead the design will last as long as you want the phone case for.

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Genuine Leather Case:

This iPhone case has a lot going for it and there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on it either as the price is extremely affordable – even if it is a genuine leather wallet.

This case for iPhone 5c comes in a variety of different colours including red, black, pink, white, brown and light pink so there’s something out there for everyone. A bit like the first case, this one is designed like a wallet so there’s no chance of losing anything including bank and loyalty cards and even loose change.

Something great that the company have thought about for this phone is that the iPhone screen. When you buy a phone case from the manufacturer, they will also send a free film screen protector so if the phone does accidentally fall from your hands, there won’t be any damage to the phone screen itself.

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Lanhiem Case:

The most expensive iPhone 5c phone case we’ve talked about so far but for the price to pay there’s a good guarantee that this case will make the phone last until the contract ends.

The case is made with heavy duty shockproof material which means that this phone will be protected not only from drops to the ground, but also scratches and dirt with its dual layer metal coating. As this case is made with heavy duty material it also means that the case is very bulky, so if a slimmer design is more your thing then this probably won’t be the case for you.

As well as this case protecting the apple iPhone from dirt it will also be protected from water splashes so if there’s a phone call needed to take outside when it’s raining, there’s no need to worry about water damage as the case will protect the 5c.

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ULAK Case:

This case is designed to make your friends envious knowing that the phone you have is an iPhone. The case has a small circle at the back showing off the Apple logo so when taking pictures or phone calls, everyone will be able to see that the phone is an iPhone.

The ULAK case is made from two materials which are silicon and hard plastic, the silicon is used as the inner skin for the case which offers a shock absorbing guard for small drops and the hard plastic is used as the outer shell to protect from dirt and scratches.

This case is also on the bulkier side which helps to protect it more than a slim lightweight case so if wanting a phone that fits into your skinny jeans pocket then we would recommend one of the other phones we have spoken about.

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 Ultra Slim Soft Back Case Cover:

If money is tight but you desperately want/need a new phone cover to protect the iPhone 5c then this is the case to have. The most affordable case we have spoken about does the job of protecting the phone to good standard considering this phone really is value for money.

You get what you pay for with this case and it’s made with ultra-thin hard plastic which will protect against scratches and drops. Its transparent design means that you’re still able to admire the phone and as the 5c’s are extremely colourful phones this case makes sure that the vibrant colours are on display.

The case has been made as ‘ultra slim’ to avoid the bulkiness that some of the other iPhone cases we’ve spoken about have meaning that this phone will fit in even the smallest of pockets so there’s no need to bring a bag to carry it around in.

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Tullun Personalised Phone Case:

Looking for a phone cover for iPhone 5c that stands out from the rest? Then this case is definitely the one! This phone cover has a marble design on the back which makes it stand out from the rest of the phone covers for iPhone 5c we have spoken about, if that wasn’t good enough then you can even add personalisation to the back by adding your name.

Made with hard plastic the durable hard shell provides lightweight protection from impact and daily wear and tear so there’s no need to worry if it’s taken an accidental fall to the floor as the iPhone will be safe from damage.

The print on the cover is finished to a high-quality meaning that it will be scratch resistant and the personalised name won’t start to chip off when the phones being used 100 times a day.

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What Cases Will Fit iPhone 5c?

It may sound like an obvious answer but only cases that are made for an iPhone 5c will fit this phone. If you’ve found a nice iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s cover and think that it will fit nicely onto the 5c because they’re all ‘5’s’ then unfortunately this won’t be the case as all iPhones are different shapes and sizes.

There are a massive range of phone covers for iPhone 5c out there, 7 of which we’ve just spoken about. So whether you’re looking for a slim or bulky design, a case full of glitter or something simple, a case that’s expensive or a case that’s cheap, there’s something out there for everyone to protect your iPhone 5c.

Is iPhone 5 and 5c the Same Size?

The iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c are extremely similar but are not the same size. Both iPhones have the same features such as the processor, camera and display etc but they are two ever so slightly different phones when it comes to the size of them.

The iPhone 5 has a height of 123.8 mm (4.87 in) and a width of 58.6 mm (2.31 in) and the iPhone 5c has a height of 24.4 mm (4.90 in) and a width of 59.2 mm (2.33 in). So as you can see, only a small difference but indeed both phones aren’t the same size.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and now have a good idea about which iPhone 5c phone case is for you. If you want to keep up to date with more DigiHelpdesk news then give us a ‘like’ on Facebook or read our range of blogs for more helpful advice!

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