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Can you sideload Sky Go to Android TV? Workaround streaming options

Sky TV is one of the most popular television providers in the UK. With Sky Cinema, Sports and a variety of entertainment channels, there’s almost unlimited content when it comes to what Sky has to offer.

Nowadays, Sky not only offers a TV subscription, but it also provides many customers with telephone and internet connections.

As well as a multitude of channels on a home entertainment system, Sky programmes can also be watched on the move with Sky’s app, Sky Go.

Launched in 2009, Sky Go has been made available on a variety of consoles and devices. So, whether viewers are using an iPad, Xbox or mobile phone, Sky programmes should be just a click away.

Many Sky Go customers with an Android TV wish to know how to use the app, so let’s take a look at what’s possible. Do viewers need to sideload the app?

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Can I put Sky Go on my Smart TV?

The Sky Go app can be downloaded on many TVs. But, this is dependant on the kind of Smart TV you own.

As with mobile phones, Android devices provide more scope when it comes to the number of apps a user can download. Samsung mobile phones, for example, can run a multitude of different apps. While iPhones have a more structured operating system.

With a regular Smart TV (not android), you can rely on the fact that certain apps will definitely be available and Smart TVs essentially come ready-loaded.

Android TVs, along with their flexibility, can be slightly more complex to use. But, as with anything, once you know how to do certain things, it’s easy.

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Sky Go Android TV sideload

Firstly, anyone wishing to sideload Sky Go onto their Android TV will need to have a subscription to Sky. Without paying for the monthly service, you won’t have access to the mobile app.

You’ll also need either a Dropbox or Google Drive account to get the Sky Go APK file onto your Android TV.

  • Now, you’ll need to head to the Google Play Store and download the ES File Explorer.
  • Download the Sky Go APK file and save to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Open ES File Explorer > Network > Cloud > New > Find the APK File location (Google Drive or Dropbox).
  • Download, then install the APK File. The Sky Go app should now be downloaded and installed on your Android TV.

How to transfer Sky Go from iPad to TV

Unfortunately, Sky Go is only available to watch via the device in which the app has been downloaded on.

This means that transferring the Sky Go screen from iPad to TV isn’t possible.

Sky Go viewers will simply have to watch content via mobile device or use one of our Chromecast or Firestick workarounds.

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