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Best Samsung washing machines 2020: WA48H7770AP model explored & alternatives

Little girl loading washing machine

The humble washing machine is a home appliance often overlooked. Without it, many of us would probably have some trouble maintaining a social life. So, we should be thankful for the machines which are a staple in every home.

Over the course of the 1920s, washing machines rose in popularity. Eventually, the kinds of machines we use today were created. And with the help of technology, the more modern machines have advanced farther than its original inventors could have ever imagined.

Samsung may be better known for its televisions, mobile phones and headphones, but the electronics giant also specialises in home appliances, too. Combining Samsung’s sleek aesthetic with its electronics expertise, the brand offers a range of washing machines perfect for all kinds of households.

Here’s a look at the Samsung WA48H7770AP, plus a variety of alternatives.

Little girl looking in washing machine top loading Samsung WA48H7770AP
Envato Elements twenty20photos – Samsung WA48H7770AP

Samsung WA48H7770AP Activewash Top Load

  • Heavy-duty washing
  • Quick wash function
  • Child lock
  • Energy consumption 129 kWh/yrkWh/yr

Diving into the features of the Samsung WA48H7770AP, this washing machine offers a total capacity of 4.8cu ft. In terms of wash cycles, anyone purchasing this model can expect the following: normal, heavy-duty, permanent press, bedding / waterproof, activewear, quick wash and rinse + spin. The WA48H7770AP also features a built-in sink for pre-scrubbing items.

The Samsung WA48H7770AP has a maximum spin speed of 1,100 RPM. And for anyone wondering whether the washing machine will fit in their home, the product dimensions are 27.0″ x 44.2″ x 29.3″. The overall look of this top-loading washing machine is super modern with Ice Blue LED display for all controls.

While the Samsung WA48H7770AP has its great points, it doesn’t look as though the appliance is available to purchase online. So, let’s take a look at some e-commerce options below.

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Samsung WW80J5555EW Ecobubble

  • Budget option
  • LED Display
  • 8 KG capacity
  • Energy efficiency A+++

Offering the same modern look as the Samsung WA48H7770AP, this Ecobubble washing machine features LED control display. The WW80J5555EW is a great all-rounder with an 8 KG load capacity, A+++ energy efficiency rating and a great price tag; it’s the lowest-priced model in toady’s round-up.

The washing machine dimensions come in at 55 x 60 x 85 cm while the top spin speed is 1400 RPM. Ecobubble technology means that effective washing can take place at low temperatures. Air, water and detergent combine to remove dirt which saves on energy and protects fabric.

Samsung WW80K5413UW

  • Maximum convenience with Addwash door
  • 8 KG capacity
  • Energy efficiency A+++
  • Amazon’s top choice

Next up, the Samsung WW80K5413UW brings something different to the table: Addwash. With this handy component, life will be much easier. Forget having to wait until the next wash to throw in the sock that got lost along the way, with the Addwash door, extra items can be thrown into the drum without any hassle.

Similar to the previous machine (WW80J5555EW), the Samsung WW80K5413UW features Ecobubble technology. Electricity bills shouldn’t be so much of a worry when Ecobubble is in use. This washing machine has an 8 KG capacity, a maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM and an A+++ energy efficiency rating, too. Dimensions come in at 55 x 60 x 85 cm. Plus, it comes in as Amazon’s top choice in Samsung washing machines.

Samsung WW10M86DQOO QuickDrive

  • QuickDrive technology saves time
  • Ideal for large families
  • Control remotely via Smartphone
  • Ecobubble technology

Almost combining all the technology Samsung could get its hands on, the Samsung WW10M86DQOO takes washing machines to the next level. The washing machine features QuickDrive technology which can reduce wash times by up to fifty per cent. It’s is ideal for large families as it has a maximum capacity of 10 KG. Detergent sensors and water calculators also ensure that there’s little wastage with each wash. As with the other Samsung models, the WW10M86DQOO boasts an energy rating of A+++.

The super-charged washing machine does come in at a higher price than the other models, however, it’s arguably well worth the money considering its vast array of features. Ecobubble technology is also included with this machine meaning that washing can be completed in an eco-friendly manner. Plus for anyone with a busy lifestyle, the machine can be operated remotely via a smartphone app. Dimensions come in at H85 x W60 x D60 cm while the maximum spin speed is 1600 RPM. Finally, child lock and an Addwash door provide peace of mind. Never worry if an item has been accidentally left behind.

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