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What to Do if Your Sky Q Box Is Sluggish: Get Your TV Working

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Nothing feels worse than when you are settling down to have a good old TV binge and streaming slows down.

The frustration as you try to lose yourself in other worlds can be too much.

As one of the best providers out there, Sky’s new Q Box is pretty good, but it can still prove sluggish at times. So, what do you do when this occurs?

Stay tuned for all the best troubleshooting options!

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Is the Sky Q Box Any Good?

As the newest piece of kit rolled out to Sky consumers, the Q box promises to be more intuitive with your viewing habits. The home screen shows more of the features and programs you love, with the added value of having everything in one place.

Plus, the latest Sky Q remote control with touch technology is said to improve the response times. It can also speed up your idle flicking to find something new!

If you don’t want to use your remote, there is the voice search function, allowing you to search for genres, themes and even your favourite actors without having to press a single button!

Yes, it seems there are a whole host of exciting features designed to make viewing easier. Too many to go into detail here. But what do you do if your Sky Q box is sluggish?


Fixing Your Sluggish Sky Q Box

Issues with digital boxes can range from the minor to the all-consuming. Generally, they are likely to present themselves as glitches or longer lag-times when selecting functions.

Long loading screens, slow-changing channels, half-recorded shows. These are all apt to drive you crazy if not fixed.

The old adage of ‘switching it off and on again’ may be a good failsafe. But what if this doesn’t work?

Firstly, it is best to remove the cable from the back of the Sky Q box for 30 seconds or more when resetting. Failing this, a full factory reset can be performed. But this can result in the loss of preferred settings and the intuitive stored knowledge of your viewing habits. Not always the most desirable option!

This is why it is best to know about the ‘back door’ to your box.

Q box settings

The Hidden Engineers Menu

Whilst very useful, accessing this menu does come with warnings. The menu contains useful functions such as switching Wi-Fi channels (from 2.4 to 5Ghz), you can also switch the connectivity of your box from Wi-Fi to powerline.

This is effectively a form of Ethernet connectivity, but without all the lengthy cables. Whilst this can no-doubt increase the speed up a sluggish Sky Q box, Sky is currently not supporting its use. This is very much fledging technology, so best to do some research before switching to this over your home Wi-Fi.

However, if you want to use the hidden engineers menu to reset the settings, this may go a long way to ensure a lower lag time.

  • Press the home button on the remote
  • Scroll down to settings
  • Without hitting ‘select’, press the following buttons on your remote: 0>0>1 (do so quickly, without leaving gaps)
  • Opt only for the first reset. The second and third options will delete all past recordings
  • Once reset, press the following buttons on your remote at the same time: 1, 3
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect the remote and TV

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Getting the Most From Your Sky Q Box

Generally speaking, a Sky Q subscription costs a minimum of around £25 per month for an 18-month deal. The Sky Q box can provide real value in the home. But it is worth knowing how to care for your tech. Which is not a given these days.

When it comes to stacking or storing your Sky Q box, there are a few do’s and don’ts. Observing these can ensure longevity and even help if your Sky Q box is sluggish!

Don’t rest the box on a carpeted surface. This will likely over-heat the box and cause issues, such as early burnout. In keeping with this, ensure the box is positioned out of direct sunlight! It keeps the device looking shiny and new, but also avoids extra heat that could add stress to the device.

Keep the box free of clutter. So no stacking your TV devices on top of each other. This helps avoid overheating your device and also avoids signal disruption. Signal disruption can also be a contributing factor to a sluggish Sky Q box.

Make sure you give your box a dust every week! This will ensure that dust bunnies aren’t overheating the internal tech.

To avoid sluggish behaviour, start with good device care! For any other speed and performance issues, the advice shared above should get you back up and running.

For any other Sky-box related questions and queries, we are bound to have you covered.

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