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Sky Q Box Fast Forward and Rewind Problems? Quick Fix Revealed

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Do you ever notice your Sky Q box has fast forward and rewind problems? This common issue seems to be cropping up among viewers, however, we have a quick fix for you.

Sky Q is a family of devices that allows viewers to enjoy a whole range of Sky services. This includes channels in Ultra HD, increased memory and even a multiroom option to extend the Sky experience throughout your home.

One of the benefits to Sky Q is the ability to record shows and use catch-up features for your favourite channels. Of course, if you’re stuck with a fault it can sometimes spoil the viewing experience.

So, let’s take a look at what might be causing your Sky Q box fast forward and rewind problems and how you can fix it.

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What to Do if Your Sky Q Remote Won’t Stop, Fast Forward or Rewind

Some Sky Q users report a delay when rewinding or fast-forwarding on both the main Sky Q box and also the mini Sky Q boxes. In this instance, there is a delay between stopping the fast forward or rewind function, meaning the box continues past the point in which you want to stop.

If you are having this problem, it could be to do with a poor connection between your main Sky Q box and mini Sky Q box.

Rebooting your main Sky Q box might fix this error. To do this without losing your recordings you can:

  • Unplug the main Sky Q box and wait for 3 minutes.
  • When you plug the Sky Q box back into the mains, press and hold each button at the side of the select button on your Sky Q box.
  • Next, allow the main Sky Q box to reboot and again check the responsiveness during the fast forward/rewind function.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you may have a faulty connection between your remote control and Sky Q box.

How to Re-Pair Your Sky Q Box and Remote Control

If your remote control is unresponsive when you try to stop the fast forward or rewind function on your Sky Q or mini Sky Q box, you might need to re-pair your remote.

To do this:

  • First, remove the pairing information between the Sky Q box and the remote control by holding down numbers 7 and 9 at the same time. The light on the remote should flash 4 times to indicate this has worked.
  • Next, hold down buttons 1 and 3 together at the same time. This will enter you into pairing mode and instructions will appear on your TV screen for you to follow.

If You Are Still Having Fast Forward and Rewind Problems on Sky Q Box

Should your Sky Q box still have problems using fast forward and rewind functions, then it might be down to a poor connection.

Sky Q is all wireless technology that works using your internet connection. Unfortunately, slow internet speed is something that can only be solved through your broadband provider.

You can check your internet speed easily online to see if this is the issue. However, if you suffer from slow internet speeds you can ensure that your bandwidth isn’t being used up in other areas. For example, completing downloads or using several devices at once.

Of course, you can also try a factory reset on your Sky Q box. However, bear in mind that you will lose all your recordings and settings will be lost.

Alternatively, if your internet speed isn’t the cause of the problem, you can contact Digi Helpdesk Support who will be happy to support with your problem.

If the solutions above have fixed your Sky Q box rewind and fast forward problem, that is great news. But how can you avoid this technical issue in the future?

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How to Avoid Rewind and Fast Forward Issues

To avoid delays when using the fast forward and rewind functions on Sky Q box, you can regularly re-pair your remote and Sky Q box. This will ensure that the connection between the two devices stays strong.

Additionally, keep your Sky Q box memory clear where possible. The larger amount of memory that is taken up on your box, the slower the software can be.