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What to do if Discord keeps disconnecting in 2020: Fix the gaming app now

discord keeps disconnecting 2020

Discord keeps disconnecting in 2020 says many of its users!

Discord is a free voice and text chat which makes gaming that one bit easier for you to socialize throughout a game with friends, family or anyone with the download.

Connection issues in the modern-day can be more annoying than ever, especially if you’re in an intense game or the chat is livening up.

2020 users have found that more recently their Discord keeps disconnecting – continue here to find out everything you need to do if Discord keeps disconnecting!
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Why Does Discord Disconnect So Easily?

There are several things that could combine together to mean your connection is getting interrupted while gaming.

With many solutions given for issues like these, it’s hard to pick out the right ones.

But we are here to help. Here is what could’ve happened according to Quora user Opie Teller:

  • The moderator of the game may be blocking you
  • Your connection might not be working properly due to a poor internet connection.
  • The AFK timeout could be set to 30 seconds
  • You could be using a hacked desktop app

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Who has Discord disconnecting issues?

Disconnection issues are very common and can happen at the worst of times.

The moderator of the game in play’s role is to find users who are authorised to moderate the chat.

Moderators are not set to manage the server or the staff, they are put there to help the server and moderate it.

The moderator can block anyone from the game – meaning you disconnect from the game if you are blocked. This could be one issue to why Discord keeps disconnecting in 2020.
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Discord Keeps Disconnecting 2020: How to fix it

If you are blocked by the moderator, you cannot unblock yourself. However, you can find out if you have blocked anyone and unblock them.

Here’s how to check if you have anyone blocked on Discord:

At the top of the Friends screen, press Blocked. This will show you all the users you have blocked.

To unblock users, look for the name of the user you want to unblock, right-click their tag, and select Unblock.


  • If your connection is not working properly due to a poor internet connection it could be because demanding too much bandwidth and your WiFi cant hold it.


The AFK timeout could be set to 30 seconds. A lot of users have been vocal about the AFK timer being too short – meaning they get cut off sooner than expected.

The game lowers the timer to reduce costs of bandwidth.

You can change your settings by pressing your profile picture in the lower left side of the app. You can set your status manually there.

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How to avoid Discord disconnecting in future

To avoid Discord disconnecting in the future, check your WiFi box before starting a game to see if the connection is working properly. If it isn’t, try rebooting the hub.

Alternatively, you can go through your ‘Blocked list’ on Discord to limit your user connection issues.

Finally, double-check if an AFK timeout has stopped your connection – this is a very common occurence.

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