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What is the Discord Video Call Limit? (Find Out More)

discord video call limit
discord video call limit
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Some time ago, it was almost impossible to imagine having a conversation with someone over the phone, whilst also watching them on screen! These days, things have turned around; it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without video calling. Nowadays, there are so many apps like Discord that accommodate video calls with friends, family, study mates, or workmates. But have you ever asked yourself how many people you can actually add to a video a call? No doubt, the number varies, as many apps strive to have the highest number of video call participants. But in this article, we will be focusing on what is the Discord video call limit. 

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What is Discord?  

Discord is an instant messaging app that was originally a platform for group chatting among gamers but has now been expanded to include different communities. It’s divided into sections called servers, with channels included in each one. The channels are each dedicated to a particular topic; for instance, channel A can be for discussions about writing, while channel B might be for general chatting. 

Make no mistake, with the Discord app, there is a server for almost any subject that you might be interested in. More so, you can search for a server on a particular interest by typing in Discord’s search box. The only challenge is that the Discord search engine only shows results for the most popular servers. Nevertheless, you can alternatively use Google to search for a server.

Video Calling on Discord

discord video call limit
Image credit: Matilda Wormwood

Just like most messaging apps now, Discord gives you the chance to video chat with other people who also have the Discord app. You can have a one-on-one video call, or a group video call with others on the same channel. 

What is the limit to the number of participants on a Discord Video Call?

Before March 2020, the maximum number of users allowed on a Discord video call was 10. That number has now been increased to 25. Each of the 25 participants in a call can share their videos and screens. The new limit came at a convenient time when whole countries were being forced to lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies and institutions were scrambling to find applications and software that they could use to have office meetings from home.

While the new 25-person limit for Discord might be great for some, it’s still too small a number for large organizations and schools. Most schools have more than 25 students per class.

That being said, there’s no evidence yet that Discord plans to further increase the number of participants allowed on a video call, but we can only hope for one. 

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