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Sky Q Keeps Disconnecting from Internet

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Sky is one of the most popular television and broadband service providers in the UK. Sky Q box is one the company’s products that gives you access to several channels on your TV. However, despite offering reliable service, sometimes Sky Q keeps disconnecting from internet.

What is Sky?

Sky UK is a telecommunication and television service provider that offers several services including internet and telephone connections. With over 12.5 million current users, it is one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the country.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is a TV set-top box by Sky UK. It is a subscription-based entertainment service mainly functional in UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Italy. Sky UK improved on the previously released Sky+ and Sky+ HD services and launched Sky Q in 2016.

Sky Q comes with a PVR set-top box, a broadband “hub” and multiroom set-top boxes.

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What to do when Sky Q Keeps Disconnecting From Internet?

Sometimes Sky Q Keeps Disconnecting from the Internet, causing a lot of frustration. There are a number of ways to fix the problem depending on the broadband services you use.

You do not Use Sky Broadband

If you do not use Sky broadband, the main setup of your system is slightly different. To make sure your Sky Q box works with every system, it connects to the 2.5 GHz network. The Sky Q miniboxes also work with 2.5 GHz networks only. To fix the connection issue:

  • Make sure your Sky Q box is connected to the 2.4GHz network
  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Navigate to the network button
  • After selecting Network, move to the Setup
  • Go to the status box to see which network you are connected to

If you are connected to your home network, your top box is correctly setup. However, if it is not, select Reset and then confirm the action. Choose the non-Sky internet option, enter your home Wi-Fi details and let it connect.



You Use Sky Broadband

If you use Sky broadband, you will probably have the Sky Q Hub as well. To solve why Sky Q keeps disconnecting from the internet:

  • Rename your 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz networks to have the same name. You can do this by logging in to Sky Q Hub and going to the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Go to the Settings, Menu and then to the Network
  • Once in the network, go to Setup and reset your device

Once the device resets, connect the Sky Q box and the Sky Q hub via a WPS button present on both products. First press the WPS button on the router for a few seconds. Then press the button on the Sky Q box for about 5 seconds. This will connect the two.

The above-given instructions will most likely solve the connection issue. If it still does not work, you can contact a customer service representative to get more insight into the problem.