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How to Find Lost Xfinity Remote Control

Owning an Xfinity product means occasionally misplacing your remote control. Whether you have an Xfinity X1 or Xfinity flex box, losing the remote control is pretty common amongst the users. The main question is, how to find lost Xfinity remote control.

What is Xfinity?


Xfinity is primarily a rebranding of services initially provided by Comcast. These include internet, telephone and TV facilities as well. The main aim behind the formation of Xfinity was to avoid confusion and keep the parent company “narrowly focused”.

How to Find Lost Xfinity Remote Control

Remote controls have the tendency to disappear right when you need them. Finding these devices is nothing less than a struggle. According to a Logitech survey, if you cannot find your remote, there is a 49% chance it is somewhere in your couch, 8% chance it is in the bathroom or your drawers and a 4% chance that you have accidentally put it in your freezer.

However, if you still cannot find your lost Xfinity remote control, you can try the following steps:

  • Declutter your lounge table, it might be possible that the remote is hidden amongst other things.
  • Ask other people who live in your house if they used it.
  • Check under the TV and the surrounding furniture. Someone might have dropped it on the floor.
  • Try to retrace your steps and see if you left the Xfinity remote control in some other room.

How to Add More Apps to Xfinity X1

Xfinity Remote App

If you cannot find your Xfinity remote control, Xfinity offers a Remote App that can be easily downloaded on Android or iOS. The remote application lets your browse through channels and watch on-demand Xfinity content on your TV.

If you own an Xfinity X1 box, you can also use voice command to navigate. Whether it is changing channels, going to apps, or changing the volume, the app will do everything for you.

Once you download and start the Xfinity Remote application, you will have to select a default Xfinity box. This is not an issue if there is only one TV box in your home. However, if there is more than one, you can rename the devices and select the default box.

To change or view the box the remote app is set for:

Apple products: Click on the TV in the top left corner.

Android: Go to the menu and then Settings. The first option in Settings is the TV box you are using. Tap on it to change your default device.


If you are not satisfied with the Xfinity Remote App and cannot seem to find the lost Xfinity Remote control, you can always go for a replacement. Go to any Comcast Service Center located in your area and ask for a new remote. You can also opt for delivery at your doorstep. The new remote will be free of cost; however, shipping charges will apply.

Once you receive the new Xfinity remote control, you will need to tune it with your TV box before using it.