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Tannoy Eclipse Mini Review – Which is Best?

Tannoy mini speaker review

Music can be listened to pretty much anywhere today, whether that’s on your phone, iPod, TV or radio, it’s never been easier to switch on or press the play button on your device and get listening to your favourite songs. But there’s nothing better than when you’ve found the perfect song and you start playing it through your speakers, wouldn’t you agree?

Finding the perfect speaker to immersify your favourite tunes can be a tricky one. We all have different preferences when it comes to what we want to find in a speaker, but luckily for you, in this article we’re going to review three Tannoy eclipse mini speakers and tell you everything you want to know about them, from their performance to stereo sound and price to bass (plus much more) so you can decide for yourself whether this speaker makes the cut for you.

But before we start to review the Tannoy eclipse mini speakers, let’s find out more about the Tannoy brand, shall we?


Pair of speakers
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Who Are Tannoy?

Tannoy are a British manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address systems. The company was set up in 1926 and quickly gained recognition as becoming one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of loudspeaker systems and audio components.

Almost 100 years after the business was set up, Tannoy are still going strong today and have a whole range of different products which include cinema sound, HiFi, portable speakers, recording and broadcast and installed sound. Tannoy is also a popular choice for musicians due to the superb sound performance the speakers give off. We don’t mean to name drop here but one popular musician who uses these speakers is Grammy Award-winning music producer, Tony Maserati!

So, now you know more about the Tannoy brand, let’s get straight to reviewing the Tannoy Eclipse mini speakers!

Tannoy Eclipse Mini Black Oak Bookshelf Speaker:

Well, as you may have guessed from the product name, this is one of the smallest speaker that Tannoy makes but it fits perfectly into your bookshelf or other small storage place. But that’s not the only thing that’s perfect about this speaker! This speaker pair may be small but it sure does deliver a big hearted sound! You can use these speakers in a desktop system or small room for an enveloping stereo sound.

If you are however fancying that full cinema experience but want to watch the movie from the comfort of your own home, with these speakers you can turn your living room into your very own home theatre as the Tannoy Eclipse Mini black oak bookshelf speakers certainly provide a superb performance on that cinematic audio experience you want, just match up with other Eclipse speakers and you’ll be the envy of all of your friends.

These work best as back of the room speakers as they’re smaller so you’ll be able to hear every sound that comes out of the speaker. All you need to do is provide the snacks! Having said that, the Tannoy Eclipse Mini can also be used as a front stereo pair with another Eclipse mini or Eclipse Centre model and a Tannoy ts2 subwoofer to bring the audio to life and create a superb sound performance.

This speaker also comes with a compact woofer unit (a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass), making this the perfect speaker if you’re having a party, a small get together or if you’re just in the mood to dance around your bedroom with the volume up high – we won’t judge you.


Tannoy Eclipse Mini Black Oak Bookshelf Speaker Style and Specs:

As well as being able to make amazing quality audio speakers, Tannoy also know just how important the design and quality is to their customers.

Starting at the top, the Tannoy Eclipse Mini uses a soft dome tweeter (a special kind of loudspeaker that produces high audio frequencies) which produces a high frequency driver, making the sound more immersive, detailed and an overall better sound clarity.

The Tannoy Eclipse mini comes finished in oak black and is designed to fit in with all types of decor. The silver detailing makes the speakers stand out and it gives it a more stand out feel. However, if you’re more into keeping things looking simple, you’re able to attach the supplied grilles.

This speaker is also designed using heavyweight fibreboard cabinet which gives the speakers a pure clear sound which won’t make your cabinets go boom when the audio floods out from them, for a more discrete sound.

This stereo pair also have gold-plated cable posts and quality crossovers with close tolerance components for a stylish and clean finish.

Product specs:

  • Speaker enclosure type: Bass reflex
  • Frequency response (Hz): 58 – 32,000
  • Sensitivity (dB): 86

Tannoy Eclipse Two Black Oak:

Our second Tannoy speaker is the Tannoy Eclipse Two. This speaker is Tannoys most affordable speaker and is made for medium sized and large sized rooms, so you’ll have plenty of listening room space when the sound comes pouring out of them.

You might be thinking to yourself, because this speaker is a budget speaker that it’s not going to be as good a quality as one of the more expensive speakers? Well, we’ve got good news for you and even better news for your wallets, this speaker really does have everything you want along with the quality to go with it.

With the speakers having large cabinets and long-throw bass units, the Eclipse Two is able to reach bass notes that other standard speakers can’t, which means whether you’re listing to opera, jazz, classical music or something else, you’re sure to hear every note and word that’s being said and played.

Just like with the Tannoy eclipse mini black oak bookshelf speakers, you can turn your living room into a home theatre as you can connect up these large speakers to other Eclipse models meaning you’ll have a multi channel speaker for for extra sound definition – it looks like Friday night movie night will be round your house every week now!


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Tannoy Eclipse Two Black Oak Style and Specs:

So, as we’ve previously mentioned, this is one of Tannoys more affordable speakers out there for you to buy, but just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been designed well!

This speaker has heavyweight fibreboard cabinets which minimise the distortion that your sound lets out so you won’t need to worry about annoying the next-door neighbours with any booms that a usual speaker may let out. This speaker also comes in the same design as the Tannoy Eclipse Mini black oak bookshelf speakers so they should fit into your room perfectly without causing too much attention – with the speakers being on the bigger side, Tannoy have done a good job of designing the speakers so that they’re not detracting away from other features in your living room.

Product specs:

  • Speaker enclosure type: Bass reflex – rear port
  • Frequency response (Hz): 44 – 32,000
  • Sensitivity (dB): 88

We hope you’re enjoying reading our Tannoy Eclipse mini review. We’ve got one more speaker left in our review to tell you about before we share which speaker we think tops the rest. Sound good? Read on to find out more!


Tannoy Eclipse Three Black Oak

Our third and final speaker is the Tannoy Eclipse Three which is the largest out of all three we have seen in our Tannoy Eclipse mini review and just like all of our other Eclipse models including the Eclipse Centre, you’re able to connect them all up together and have one amazing sound system.

This speaker is certainly a powerful one as it comes with 2 x 5″ mid bass drivers and a polyester dome which offer a powerful performance, particularly good for when lockdown restrictions have ended and you’re able to use them for a party! The Tannoy Eclipse Three also uses a neodymium magnet system which essentially means that the magnet that’s inside the speaker is being used to drive the speaker movement, Tannoy have used this magnet in their speaker because it’s considered one of the most powerful in the world.

This speaker comes with a twin base woofer which gives the speakers a powerful and faultless sound. These speakers can drop down to 38Hz, so it makes every genre of music come to life. The peak power handling for this speaker is 240 watts which is considered fairly high for a speaker of this design.

Tannoy Eclipse Three Black Oak Style and Specs:

The Tannoy Eclipse Three’s floor standing speakers have heavyweight fibreboard construction with internal bracing which enhances the speakers sound. It also has adjustable floor spikes which allows you to adjust the speaker’s height to a position that works well for you without leaving dents in your carpet.

You might have guessed from the name of this speaker, it’s also the same design as the other two with an oak finish, silver detailing and grilles if you don’t want the silver detailing on show.

Product specs:

  • Speaker enclosure type: Bass reflex – rear port
  • Frequency response (Hz): 38 – 32,000
  • Sensitivity (dB): 88

So, there you have it. We’ve shown you three of the best Tannoy speakers in this Tannoy Eclipse mini review and we hope that this has helped you understand more about the brand and the speakers. But, we’re not quite finished yet as we’re going to tell you which Eclipse speaker is our favourite in the next part.

Read on to find out more!


Tannoy Eclipse Mini Review – Which is Best?

If you’re reading this then it means that you’re almost at the end of this review, but it also means that you’re interested to know which Tannoy Eclipse mini speaker we think should take home the crown and be called the winner, right? So without us building up too much suspense for you, we’ve decided to announce the winner as… the Tannoy Eclipse Three!

Out of all of the three that we reviewed, maybe we did save the best until last for you. This speaker has come out on top simply because it’s more powerful than the others in terms of audio quality. Undoubtedly all three of these speakers have excellent sound quality as you’ve just read, but what makes the Tannoy Eclipse Three stand out from the rest of these is the 2 x 5″ mid bass drivers, the neodymium magnet system and the twin base woofer.

All of the above features together make the speaker audio quality extremely good indeed and at such an affordable cost, you’ll be gutted if you missed out!

We also like how this speaker is designed to fit around your everyday life. The speakers are designed so they’re modern yet stylish but that’s not the only thing we like, we think it’s great how the speakers have adjustable floor spikes so you can have the speakers in the position that you want without leaving those hideous dents in your lovely carpet.


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And Finally:

The finish of this speaker is also what makes it an attractive buy for any of you movie fanatics out there! The heavyweight fibreboard construction with internal bracing enhances the full-bodied sound so that means more time paying attention to the movie and not trying to figure out what somebody has said. You’ll also be able to place these speakers anywhere and they should fit in with your decor nicely as these speakers come finished with black oak vinyl for subtle yet stylish finish.

When it comes down to buying any type of audio equipment it’s all dependent on your personal preferences. Make sure you know what you’re looking for and that you’re happy with the choice that you’re making before purchasing anything with a hefty price tag.

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