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LG SK1D 100W Soundbar review: Is it an all-round winner in our eyes?

This is a review of the LG SK1D 100W Soundbar with it’s Dolby digital technology and bass blast audio putting it far above most of its competitors.

The soundbar is a premium speaker that can turn any room from a regular lounge to a home cinema or any living room into a perfect party space.

It doesn’t break the bank either with Amazon offering this great product for under £70.

You might be wondering “What makes the LG SK1D 100W Soundbar different?” Well, that’s why we’re here to give you an in-depth review.

Keep reading to find out the good, the bad and whether we think it’s worth you buying.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

What do we like?

First off, the price is fantastic – £75 for a top of the line soundbar is a good deal.

This soundbar has advanced technology and can detect when your listening to dialogue or music, instantly adapting to give you crystal clear audio.

Though it may be a simple design, it is compact and suits just about any home, complimenting the surroundings nicely.

With an auto sound engine, the audio is balanced correctly for any audio in any setting.

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What don’t we like?

From the looks of some consumer feedback, the minority is unhappy with the available options to adjust the sound to their preferences.

The majority of reviews say people are very happy with the default settings.

Although this LG soundbar is listed as having “bass blast” technology, we feel it could do with a subwoofer to really emphasise lower-pitched tones.

Here are some deals on some excellent subwoofers that can push your audio experience to the next level.

Overall, we think the good outweighs the bad with this premium piece of audio equipment.

Bringing amazing sound quality

The LG Sound bar is an outstanding and advanced audio system that stands above a lot of its competitors.

Great Value

For a relatively small price you will not be disappointed with the crystal clear audio and advanced features the bar has to offer check out LGs Sound bar – Here


Should you buy the LG SK1D 100W Soundbar?

If you’re looking for something to upgrade poor quality TV audio or something to play music at a party then this is perfect for you with audio enhancing technology that analyses frequencies to make it sound better for the entire room.

LG have created another audio master piece that does not disappoint and delivers with crystal clear audio.

With a reasonable price tag the bar brings value for money, armed with great audio features.

Seamless connection to your phone through Bluetooth really makes this a good buy. LG writes: “The Sound Bar remains in sleep mode but turns on and begins playing when the audio is sent via Bluetooth.”

Overall, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you do purchase the LG SK1D because you’re getting a great product!

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View the LG Sound Bar – Here


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