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How to fix Sky live pause when it’s not working in 2020!

TV has come so far since it was first invented that not only can we watch programmes at the click of a button. Now, the technology exists for us to pause the show and come back to it later.

Sky’s latest release, Sky Q, comes with all the bells and whistles including live pause, rewind, fast forward and record.

But, as we all know, even the best technology can encounter the odd hitch.

Whether you’ve paused Dancing on Ice to make a cuppa or Winter Love Island to nip to the loo, there’s sure to be a way to get the Sky live pause back up and running again in 2020.

Let’s take a look at some solutions…

sky live pause not working 2019


Why has my live pause stopped working?

Live pause was an innovative feature when it came out years ago and has since become a staple on your remote ever since.

This issue can either be to do with the remote glitching or the signal from certain commands from the remote control may be weak meaning that the live pause will not function as it should.

Fixing this problem shouldn’t require any electronics work and should just be a software issue that can be solved quickly.

A temporary broadcast issue is often the culprit for live pause not working.

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Fix the live pause issue with a Planner Rebuild

There is one option to fix the live pause on your Sky+ box and that is a planner rebuild which we’ll walk you through. This way should mean that you can keep all of your recordings.

  1. Press “Services”, go to “Help” and select “Sky+ Rebuild.”
  2. If this cannot be found under your current settings then you don’t have up-to-date software and you will need to follow the instructions below.
  3. Press “Services” and in this order, press the numbers 0 0 1 followed by “Select.”
  4. Press 7 and then press “Select” twice, this should begin the rebuild shortly.
  5. You may need to restart your Sky+ box after the rebuild is complete.

Still having issues? Contact our Digi HelpDesk experts here for help!

Another common Sky issue solved

A common error or fault you may see on your Sky+ box is “System Fault 06-0”, this can be caused by a number of things including power outages and rebooting failures.

The best way to go about fixing this is by following the instructions above to rebuild the planner.

If you see a message that says ‘this is not possible in Diskless Mode’ then follow our blog on how to get your Sky box out of Diskless Mode. If you’re still having issues, then you can always give our team a free call on 0800 433 7963 today.

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