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The 9 Best Portable Speakers For iPod: Bluetooth and More

Portable Speakers For iPod: Bluetooth and More

One thing that most of us probably do every day is listen to music, whether that’s through a phone, radio or iPod, there’s no denying that music sounds a whole lot better when it’s being played through a speaker. With Christmas just around the corner you’ll want something that will blast out those Christmas tunes so in this article we’re going to be looking at portable speakers for iPod.

We’ll be revealing everything needed to know about the 9 best portable speakers for iPod from battery life to sound quality and Bluetooth to volume before revealing which speaker we think is best.

So, let’s get straight to it and see which speaker is first!

Lenrue IPX5:

If you like exploring the great outdoors and singing very loudly in the shower, then this is the compact speaker for you! This portable Bluetooth speaker was designed for the outdoors and getting wet so if you’re off to the beach with friends or even out hiking then the experience will be more enjoyable with your favourite songs blasting out of this speaker.

This speaker gives out up to 8 hours of battery life so it will last the whole day no matter what activities are on the agenda and is compatible with most Bluetooth devices including iPod touch, iPhone, MacBook’s and the echo dot series as well as much more.

There won’t be any disappointment with the sounds quality either as this speaker is implemented with high-performance loudspeaker which deliver clear and crisp Mids & Highs for a good sound quality!

Lenrue IPX5 Features:

Works in the shower: Make shower time more fun by singing until your heart is content by putting the Lenrue IPX5 in the shower with you! This speaker has a suction cup on the back so just simply stick it onto the wall and get singing! The speaker also has an IP45 which means it’s protected from low pressure water jets in any direction, so it won’t matter if some water gets splashed into the speaker.

Take it anywhere: This speaker is the perfect size to fit in a bag, carry it with you when heading out somewhere or even take it with you for a camping trip! Just because the speaker is small it doesn’t mean there is a compromise with the sound though, you’ll still be able to hear every word spoken when listening to the Now That’s What I Call Music 100 album.

Silicone casing: This speaker is made using silicone casing which means not only is it waterproof, but also shockproof and dust proof so if there’s an accidental drop to the wooden floor or concrete ground, the speaker won’t have a damaged appearance and will still be able to play music.

Betron A3:

This affordable Betron A3 speaker works a bit like an Amazon Alexa as it comes with voice control meaning if there’s a song you’re not a fan of or aren’t in the mood to listen to it then it will change the song with the sound of your voice as well as being able to use it as a hands free phone!

This iPod speaker gives a decent battery life (500mAh) with up to five hours of music being played through the speakers before being charged up again. You’re able to charge the speaker up via a USB port that is integrated in the speaker and connect it to a laptop or computer.

Betron A3 Features:

Perfect for travelling: This ultra-light portable iPod speakers weighs just 250g so it will fit nicely into an overnight bag or into a suitcase ready to be taken out at university to get the party started. Once the music has started playing, the speaker will then show off its LED light-up base which will get the party in full swing, but it can be turned off if you’d prefer not to have the light on show.

Sound quality: The Betron A3 has a great sound quality as well as buttons on the device which are used for volume control and the next track to go up or down. The speaker has an aluminium vibration film and a 40mm loudspeaker which has clear and pure sound for an immersive sound experience.

Audio input: If you’ve got an old iPod such as an iPod Nano that’s lying around in a draw somewhere because it’s unable to connect to any portable Bluetooth speakers then it’s time to get it out! With these speakers you can connect your device to the Betron A3 using the 3.5mm audio input so you’ll be able to listen to all those old school songs that were forgotten about.

GEAR4 StreetParty 4:

This speaker is for anybody out there that has a 1st – 3rd generation iPod touch or 1st – 5th generation iPod Nano as we take you back to when this speaker was made in 2010 and instead of switching on your Bluetooth to connect to music, you had to put your device on a docking station.

Yes, that’s right! This portable iPod speaker is for use only via a docking station which may seem like a bit of a faf but it has its perks! For one, when the music is playing on the dock, it will charge up the iPod at the same time so there’s no worrying about having a dead battery after you’ve finished using it.

You might be wondering how this speaking is portable if it’s a docking station? Well the great thing about this speaker is that if you want to take it to the beach for the day then it can run on AA batteries, if it’s for home use and you’re using it as the ultimate procrastination tool, then all there is to do is just simply plug it in to a socket!

GEAR4 StreetParty 4 Features:

Line-in port: If you’re out with friends and want to enjoy their new favourite album, you needn’t miss out if they’re not using an iPod. This speaker includes a line-in port so your friends can plug in other MP3 / MP4 devices and enjoy the same great sound quality from the StreetParty 4.

Sound quality: Yes, it might be a dock but that doesn’t mean that these speakers can’t reach a high volume. The sound quality also might go above your expectations as it can the fill the room with dancing tunes without the sound starting to sound muffled.

Remote control: The remote control for the speaker dock would be the same use a mobile phone for a speaker in 2020. With the remote you’re able to play, pause, go back a song and go forward a song all with the click of a button – it saves you from getting up and manually doing it yourself.


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Ultimate Ears BOOM 3:

This is the most expensive portable speaker that we have reviewed so far but for what the price is, there are some great features to this iPod speaker. You can choose from a huge range of colours including your standard grey, black, red and green etc but you can also choose a unicorn coloured speaker too – sounds magical to us!

Something else that’s magical about this speaker is that it charges wirelessly – no battery pack here! All you have to do is bring the charging dock in a bag and have peace of mind about it never running out of battery. We must note that the charging dock is sold separately.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Features:

Sound quality: Whereas most speakers have one set area that the music plays from, the Ultimate ears boom 3 has a 360-degree angle so music will be blasting out from every angle. With 15 hours of battery life and sound reaching a 150 feet range, this speaker will play deep and accurate bass which is all carefully balanced so you can hear every note.

Magic button: The magic button on this speaker lets you play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker or you can press the button to start stream music from your favourite streaming apps including Amazon music, Spotify, Apple music and Deezer which makes this the best speaker feature so far!

Waterproof and floats: If you thought the first speaker was good, then wait until you can hear what this one does! This speaker has a wet and wild IP67 water and dustproof rating, it can be totally submerged in water for up to 30-minutes. It will then pop back up to the waters surface and will still be booming out the tunes.

XLEADER SoundAngel (2 Gen):

For such an affordable price this may be one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there to buy! This small and compact speaker comes in a range of different metallic colours including gold, rose gold, black and silver so there’s a colour out there for everyone.

This has a great battery life and will last 12-15 hours depending on how long you’re using it for. It will 12-15 hours when using it at 50 percent volume and if you play it 1-2 hours every day at mid volume, there’s no need to charge for 2-3 weeks! When the time does come to charge it up the this will take around 2-3 hours using the micro USB cable which is included in the price.

XLEADER SoundAngel (2 Gen) Features:

Sound quality: This speaker gives a crystal-clear HD quality sound and bass so when you’ve got Taylor Swift’s album playing at full volume all those break up lyrics will sound even better. What makes this speaker sound so good is the 5 Watts precision driver and proprietary bass radiator. There’s also a 3D digital audio processor which pumps up the bass and enhances the clarity of the mids and highs.

Automatic shut-down: There’s nothing worse than when you accidentally leave on a device and the battery drains so you then have to charge it up again before using it, well this SoundAngel speaker has created a cool function where if you stop using the speaker after 10 minutes and it’s still connected to Bluetooth then it will automatically switch off to help save power.

Smart touch screen: The smart touch screen is a bit like the previous product feature that we spoke about. With the smart touch screen, you can switch songs, turn the volume up or down and even answer phone calls when connected to Bluetooth.

So we’re now over the halfway mark in telling you everything needed to know about portable speakers for iPod. Can you guess what number six will be?

Neocore WAVE A:

The Neocore wave A comes with the most impressive playback we’ve seen yet with a massive 24 hours! That means you could literally be partying an entire day with this speaker or listening to 500 songs! What’s even more impressive is that this speaker will play for 24 hours on a single charge at 70 percent volume! If you have exhausted the battery life then this speaker will only take 3 hours to charge back up – impressive right?

Weighing just 300g this speaker is portable to take anywhere you like and you can relax knowing it won’t get damaged from a drop or water as this speaker is Made from a TPU, a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone and it’s also waterproof and dirt proof.

Neocore WAVE A Features:

Play music from a distance: This speaker will give you a fast and secure connection from 66 feet away! Yes that’s right! 66 feet! So if you’re at the beach with friends in you decide to go for a swim then you’ll still be able to hear the music from the sea!

Sound quality: This speaker has a unique design with two drivers on the front and subwoofer on the back for the crystal clear balanced stereo sound as well as clear sound without any distortions, even on full volume so get into the groove and dance the night away!

SD card slot: We know that these are speakers for you iPod but if you do happen to have an old SD card lying around somewhere filled with all of those classic songs then just simply insert it into this speaker and it will start playing them.

So, that’s number six, shall we have a look at what number seven could be in our 9 best portable speakers for iPod?

Anker SoundCore Mini:

This speaker might be mini but we promise that delivers big in other areas like the speaker playtime. This speaker gives you 15 hours of continuous playback on a single charge so if you need to play some motivational music to get you through working at home then you’ll be able to play this all day and even in the evening when it’s time to unwind.

The Anker SoundCore mini comes in four lovely colours which are black, grey, gold and rose gold so if you want a colour that’s a bit more exciting than black then Anker have got it sorted.

Anker SoundCore Mini Features:

Noise cancelling microphone: When you’re connected up to Bluetooth you’re able to experience a rapid and stable connection and if you have a call coming through on the speakers there’s no need to worry about not hearing what the other person is saying as the noise cancelling microphone will make everything crystal-clear for the person on the other end.

Sound quality: This speaker gives you a 5 watt audio driver and a passive subwoofer to ensure you get crystal-clear sound and powerful bass from a speaker you can literally take anywhere, just remember to charge it up before so the battery doesn’t run out.

Play music from a distance: You can play music from up to 66 feet away with this speaker! So, if there is a little party happening then it won’t matter if you’re in the living room, kitchen or bathroom as you’ll still be able to hear high quality music as though the speaker is right next to you.

So, that’s number seven in our list. Let’s take a look at what number eight is!

ZoeeTree S1:

The ZoeeTree S1 is the best that we’ve spoken about in terms of Bluetooth as this speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which a quicker connection time when connect your iPod to the speakers pairing for up to 100ft of Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring your long-distance connection so that means more time listening to songs!

This speaker will give you up to 12 hours of battery life and with the speakers being portable, that means you can listen to music wherever you’re to, whether that’s at the beach, on a camping trip or at your friends house.

ZoeeTree S1 Features:

Sound quality: These speakers give a 360-degree surround sound with bass and superior sound quality providing powerful, high-quality sound and powerful, distortion-free bass which makes listening to the tracks you love more enjoyable. There’s also a dual speaker inside for double the bass.

Funky design: The blue design makes these speakers more appealing to look at and will fit amazingly on a bookshelf or bedside table due to the small compact size that the speakers are.

Dual Chip: These bass speakers with full-bodied stereo are released through dual high performance drivers and enhanced bass.

Let’s see what our final speaker is going to be!

Sony SRS-XB01:

Our final speaker is the Sony SRS-XB01. This speaker has a six hour battery life and comes in a whole range of jazzy colours. You can take this portable speaker with you wherever you go as it fits perfectly into a backpack or overnight bag. It also comes with a handy strap so you can attach it to a bag or bike so you don’t have the hassle of holding it.

If you want to get the party started then you can with this speaker as it comes with extra bass! The SRS-XB01 lets you pump up the volume even more with extra bass technology, enhancing every beat!

Sony SRS-XB01 Features:

Water-resistant: Whether you’ve gone swimming in an outdoor pool or just want some music to accompany you whilst in the bath, you can take this speaker with you without having to worry about getting it wet as it’s made with water-resistant material.

Sound quality: This speaker features a rounded design and passive radiator that give your tunes deep and punchy sound. Despite its compact size, this speaker delivers big sound that will fill your room with the sounds of your favourite artist.

Built-in microphone: If you want to stop listening to music and hear your friends on loudspeakers then this speaker lets you do that! You can pick up the call from your phone and hear everyone via the speaker.

How do I Connect My iPod to Speakers?

Easily connect your iPod to speakers by switching on Bluetooth on the iPod, switch on the speaker, then go back to your ipod and go to settings, click on Bluetooth and underneath the speaker name should pop up, click on the speaker name and your iPod will connect to the speaker.

All that’s left to do is choose which playlist is going to be booming throughout the speakers first! So, now you know how to connect the iPod to the speakers, let’s find out which portable speaker is going to be named the winner in our 9 best portable speakers for iPod, have you guessed which one it might be?

Portable Speakers for iPod – The Conclusion:

So, we’ve got this far so now you’ll want to find out which is the best portable speaker for iPod and we can reveal that the winner is the Anker SoundCore Mini! We’ve chosen this as our winner as it’s loved by thousands of users throughout the world and we can see why!

The 15 hours of music playback is more than adequate when using it for day-to-day life as well as being able to listen to music from a 66 feet distance. This is an affordable speaker that will give you everything that’s needed to give great sound quality and music playback!

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