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Best 5 iPod docking stations: MAJORITY, Bose, NXET and more

If you are looking for an Apple iPod docking station, then you have probably discovered that you have plenty of options. So let’s take a look at the best iPod docking stations.

Ultimately, you need to keep in mind that the docking station needs to meet your needs and preferences. And just because you like one because of its design, you need to ensure that it will satisfy and meet all the necessary requirements.

In addition, we all have our own tastes. And just because a friend of your’s told you that he loves a specific docking station, it doesn’t mean that you will love it too.

While variety is always good, the reality is that you are probably wondering about all the features of the best iPod docking stations. And this may easily become overwhelming.

So, to help you out, we decided to show you the best docking systems out there.

best ipod docking stations
Pixabay – Pexels: Best iPod docking stations

Best iPod docking stations: MAJORITY Neptune Speaker


  • Apple-certified
  • Remote control feature


  • Loses time in event of power cut

When you are looking for a good docking station, then you need to take a look at the MAJORITY Neptune Speaker. MFI Apple certified, this docking system can be used with your iPod Touch 5th & 6th Gen and iPod Nano 7th Gen.

One of the things that we really like about the MAJORITY Neptune Speaker is that you can use this dock not only to charge your iPod but also to play your favourite songs.

This way, you can continue doing chores around the house while listening to your music.

And in case you are wondering, the sound quality is pretty good. After all, this dock comes with the patented HD sound 25-watt speaker system which ensures that you’ll get a great sound for both music streaming and FM radio.

Since the MAJORITY Neptune Speaker also comes with a wireless remote control, you can also control your iPod from afar.

In case you want, you can also use the alarm functionality. The MAJORITY Neptune Speaker allows you to create two different alarms with snooze. You can set up one for weekdays and the other one for workdays, for example.

The MAJORITY Neptune Speaker is 7 x 19 x 6.5 cm. If you decide to buy this docking station, you can expend to get the station itself, the mains power lead, the remote control, the aux-in jack cable, and the instructions.

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NXET iPhone/iPad/iPod Desktop Charging Dock


  • Apple-certified
  • iOS 8 pin connector works with majority of devices


  • Uses mains USB charging lead rather than Lightning

Another option that you have is the NXET iPhone/iPad/iPod Desktop Charging Dock. This iPod docking system also follows the Apple MFI Certified standard and it is compatible with all the latest iOS 8 pin devices.

One of the things that we like about the NXET iPhone/iPad/iPod Desktop Charging Dock is that you can use it for multiple things. You can simply use it to charge your iPod and you can continue to surf while it is charging.

In case you have your iPod with a protective case, you shouldn’t worry about it. The reality is that the NXET iPhone/iPad/iPod Desktop Charging Dock allows you to adjust the connector platform. So, in most cases, you will be able to use this dock even with the case on.

If you decide to buy the NXET iPhone/iPad/iPod Desktop Charging Dock, you will get it along with a 1-meter cable that has a Micro USB 2.0 USB-A connector in end.

Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System


  • Amazing sound and volume output
  • Stylish speaker system


  • More expensive than some alternatives

The third iPod docking system that we take a look at is the Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System.

Since you probably already know of the audio brand Bose, you know that all their products are often deemed high-quality and tend to last for a very long time. The Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System is no exception.

The Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System is compatible with iPod models with an Apple Lightning connector (iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation and iPod nano 7th generation). Besides, this SoundDock features a great design that will look great at your home.

One of the best things about this Bose docking system is the size. Still, it delivers a powerful sound quality. You will also like to know that this system comes with remote controls so you can take advantage of all its features from navigating your playlists, changing tracks, adjusting volume, and even turning on and off the system.

If you decide to buy the Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System, you’ll be able to continue to listen to your music even while your iPod is charging. This means no interruptions, making it a perfect choice for many.

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AZATOM Chronos 2 Lightning Dock Speaker


  • Apple-certified
  • Stereo sound


  • Sound quality slightly lower than other products

Next on our list is the AZATOM Chronos 2 Lightning Dock Speaker. This docking station is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod.

The Azatom lightning dock speaker also features an FM radio dual alarm clock, however, you will have to set the radio stations manually. Play music from your iPod or iPhone while docked.

This docking station comes with a three-year warranty, for which you’ll need to register for online.

Adjust the brightness, set a sleep timer and enjoy the compact and stylish speaker which will fit nicely on anyone’s bedside table.

Belkin Charge and Sync Desktop Dock


  • MFI certified for faster, hands-free lightning charging
  • Design features aluminium finish and non-slip base.


  • USB powered, requires power from another device

Last, but not least, we have the Belkin Charge and Sync Desktop Dock.

This compact Belkin device is very affordable at just £19.95. It also comes in a variety of colours including Gold, Black and Blue and White.

Connect your iPhone or iPod via Lightning Connector. You can also enjoy phone charging while you’re listening to music with the Belkin Charge and Sync Desktop Dock.

The dock is also compatible with AirPods and Apple TV remote controls. It comes with a 4-foot hardwire USB cable which you’ll need to connect to a computer or laptop.

Alternatively, you can connect the USB cable to a charging plug and plug into the mains.