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Is Disney Plus on Xfinity x1? Workarounds to get the app on your TV

disney plus on xfinity x1

Disney+ launched in late 2019 in the USA. The app was a welcome addition to home entertainment systems all over the world when it later launched in other countries.

No one could have predicted how useful apps such as Disney+  would have been in the midst of a global pandemic. Keeping the kids under control during lockdown or embracing furloughed life with some early Disney nostalgia, it’s safe to say the app can come in handy.

Disney+ offers a whole host of content including National Geographic shows and Marvel movies. In 2020, hit musical Hamilton was brought forward 15 months and was released on Disney+ on July 3rd.

Xfinity x1 is a comprehensive home entertainment system. Users of the service are asking if Disney Plus is on Xfinity x1.

disney plus on xfinity x1
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How to get Disney Plus on TV

The Disney+ app is available for download on many Smart TVs. However, if you don’t own a Smart TV it’s still possible to get access to the app.

Installing a set-top box with a regular TV is a simple way to get Disney+. Also, using a streaming stick such as an Amazon Firestick is a super-quick way to get Disney+ up and running.

Roku, mobile devices, Android tablets, you name it, Disney+ is accessible. for a full list of compatible devices please visit the Disney+ website.

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What is Xfinity x1?

There are a whole range of streaming services available and picking one to enjoy all your home entertainment on can be hard.

The Xfinity x1 box is a set-top box created by Comcast. With Xfinity, apps such as Netflix and YouTube can be installed.

Naturally, anyone who owns an Xfinity system is going to ask whether Disney+ is available for download, too.

Disney Plus on Xfinity x1

Unfortunately, while apps such as Prime Video and Tubi are downloadable on Xfinity, it doesn’t look as though the Disney+ app is.

According to Tech Nadu, Disney has a “strenuous relationship with Comcast (the owner of the Xfinity brand)”.

Because of this, the two aren’t compatible. But, some workarounds can include purchasing an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a Roku streaming stick or Now TV stick or box.

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