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How To Turn Off Demo Mode On a Toshiba TV: Easy Guide

How To Turn Off Demo Mode On a Toshiba TV

Do you need to know how to turn off the demo mode on a Toshiba TV? The demo mode feature is built-in on the Toshiba TV set. This article will show you why your TV is in demo mode and what can you do to turn it off.

Toshiba has been a manufacturer of electronics for many decades. Many people still love and use their TVs for various purposes such as watching their favourite TVs shows and movies. Some even use them for playing video games.

A lot of users reported that their Toshiba TV gets stuck on the demo mode. There is always something you can do rather than panicking and taking your TV set to the Toshiba dealer for software updates and repairs. Let us show you some cool DIY methods that you can try on your own to fix the issue at home.

Why Is My TV In Demo Mode?

The demo mode on the TV limits some of the functionalities and features commonly used in a home. If you view the TV in demo mode and the power gets cut off, the last mode memory feature will automatically turn on the TV in the demo mode when the power is back.

Demo mode is a feature that is present on all TV devices including Toshiba TV. This feature is used in the store to show the best dimensions on display and to make the TV an attractive buy for the customers.

However, it is very unlikely that you buy a TV that was on display for demonstration purposes but it’s quite possible to turn it on accidentally. When the TV is in demo mode, you need to turn off this feature to enjoy and unlock other customizations on your Toshiba TV.

How Do I Take My Toshiba TV Off Demo Mode?

If you have bought a new Toshiba TV set that has demo mode enabled by default, or you have turned it on accidentally, or your TV is stuck on demo mode, follow these steps to fix the issue.

Restart Your TV

The first fix to turn off the demo mode on Toshiba TV is to restart it. To do this:

  • Power off your Toshiba TV set
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall
  • Wait for 5 minutes and plug the power cable back into the main wall socket
  • Turn on the TV with the remote and see if that fixes the demo mode issue

Switch Automatic Demo Mode Off

The next fix is to access the TV settings and switch off the default demo mode. To do this:

  • Press the Menu button on your Toshiba remote control
  • Scroll through the options and select Settings
  • You will see a few Settings options, select Display Settings
  • Next, select the Automatic Demo mode and press the Access option
  • Finally, select the Switch off option
  • Verify that you don’t see the demo mode on your TV anymore

Use The Recall Method

Toshiba recommends using the Recall method to take your TV out of demo mode. You can do this by the following method.

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control
  • Now press • or x to highlight the Setup menu on the TV
  • Next, press y or z to highlight the Demo option through multiple settings
  • Press Exit, Power Or Recall to stop the Demo mode on your Toshiba TV set

Reset your Toshiba TV

Sometimes, resetting can help fix a lot of bugs in your TV software as well as disabling the demo mode feature. To reset your Toshiba TV:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control to access the Setup menu
  • Use the arrow keys on the remote to highlight Installation and press Enter
  • Under the Installation sub-menu, highlight the System Status menu
  • Next, highlight System Information and press Enter
  • Use the arrows keys again to select Factory Defaults and press Enter
  • Now highlight Yes and again press Enter
  • Select Yes to the warning message and press Enter
  • The TV will turn off after a few seconds
  • When the TV turns off, unplug your Toshiba TV power code and plug it back in to complete the factory reset process

How Do You Get A TV Out of Demo Mode Without The Remote?

In case you don’t have a remote control with you or the remote is unresponsive to the TV set due to the demo mode, there is an alternate way of getting your TV out of the demo mode.

  • Go near to your Toshiba TV set and locate the Menu button on the bottom panel
  • Press the Menu button and go to the Settings screen by using the volume up and down arrows on the TV set
  • Select Display settings and then select Automatic Demo mode
  • Switch demo mode off with the volume down button


Demo mode in Toshiba TV sets is great for attracting customers but an inconvenience for the end-user. Hopefully, this guide helped you find a way to turn it off.  However, if nothing works, unplug your TV from the main wall for 4 hours and see if that fixes the issue at hand. Good Luck!