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How to fix Freeview signal problems and get your TV up and running again

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Freeview is a TV service used by millions of households across the UK.

It provides a variety of free-to-air channels, from Channel 4 to ITV.

So whether TV lovers want to catch up with Celebs Go Dating, or watch the latest MasterChef episode, with Freeview, its all possible – and with zero cost.

Freeview is a fantastic service, but as with many TV providers, it can encounter the odd hiccup. From time to time viewers may find that they can’t access some channels.

Here’s a look at how to fix your Freeview signal problems.

freeview signal problems
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Setting up a Freeview TV

To avoid signal problems from the get-go, ensure that you use Freeview’s postcode checker before installing the service.

Once you have established how many channels you should get in your area, you will have a better gauge of what to expect from the Freeview service before installation.

If you already have Freeview and should get more channels than you’re seeing according to the postcode checker, a TV aerial amplifier may be a way to improve signal strength.

Do You Need Aerial for a TV With Built-In Freeview?

Having poor Freeview reception on some channels?

If you’re experiencing poor reception on specific channels, this could be due to a temporary problem. If, for example, BBC or ITV channels are down, it’s unlikely that this would be a permanent problem.

A transmitter fault or engineering works could cause problems for viewers wishing to access major TV channels such as ITV on Freeview. It’s advisable to check the service status of Freeview, this can be done via Down Detector.

Planned works will be listed on Freeview’s Service Updates page. Channel and broadcast changes, as well as engineering works are posted here.

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Freeview signal problems: How to get channels back

If you once had certain Freeview channels and they’ve now disappeared, it’s time for a retune.

Freeview signal problems often occur when changes have been made to the network and customers’ devices need to be retuned.

It’s advisable to retune your Freeview TV once a month to ensure that you’re receiving the most up-to-date service.

See our guide on how to retune a Freeview TV. The process of retuning may differ from device to device, however, it should be a quick, easy process to follow.

During 2020, many changes have been, made tot he Freeview service with planned works taking place up and down the country. Because of this, some channels have changed numbers or been removed. Following the Freeview Service Updates page is the best way to stay up-to-date with any changes.

How to retune a TV with built-in Freeview: Watch your channels in 7 steps!