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FIXED: TalkTalk playback freezes – get your TV up and running again

Telecommunications company TalkTalk was established a whopping 17 years ago in 2020.

The UK-based business provides tonnes of people across the UK with internet and telephone connections as well as a TV service.

TalkTalk provides everything from fibre broadband to comprehensive landline telephone plans at competitive rates. See if you can get TalkTalk in your area via their online checker here.

While TalkTalk TV has most customers singing its praises, as with all tech, things can go wrong. If your TalkTalk playback freezes, you might feel that you’re in for a bit of a rough night. So, let’s get your telly up and running so you don’t miss a second more of The Great British Bake Off, Narcos or whatever else you love to watch.
@RainbowSprinkles via Twenty20 – TalkTalk playback freezes

Why does my TalkTalk playback freeze?

If you’re experiencing TalkTalk playback freezing any time you try to watch TV, it can cause a lot of disturbance to your favourite show.

There are a few reasons why your programmes could be freezing – from a dodgy aerial connection to a software issue.

Whether its something that can be quickly fixed to other things which could be more lengthy to sort out, let’s take a look at the TalkTalk TV issue in further depth below.

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How to fix this TalkTalk issue – aerial types

Firstly, we always advise a classic turn-off and on of all your devices. At the wall, switch off the TV and any connected equipment. Wait around 30 to 60 seconds and then turn everything back on again. You may have to wait a couple of minutes for TalkTalk TV to load up again.

If that hasn’t made any difference, let’s take a look at the type of aerial you use to receive signal in order to watch telly. Do you use an indoor aerial? A communal aerial? Or an external (outdoor) aerial?

Depending on which kind of aerial you use, this will make a difference to the strength of your TV signal. For anyone with an indoor aerial, you can simply check all the connections and reboot the aerial. However, if you have a communal aerial you will have to contact your landlord. Lastly, if you have an outdoor aerial and suspect that it’s damaged or requires an engineer visit, then please contact Digi Helpdesk free today on 0800 433 7963.

Is your TalkTalk software malfunctioning?

If you know that you have a solid connection as well as the signal strength required for TalkTalk viewing, then this could point to there being a software issue.

The easiest way to get things back up and running is by resetting your box via maintenance mode. This option allows you to keep all your recordings.

  • Firstly, via the switch found on the back of your TalkTalk TV box, turn the power on.
  • Press and hold both the channel +/- buttons on the front of the box.
  • Click the Power button on the front of the box once, (still holding both the channel +/- buttons for 10-15 seconds).
  • Once in maintenance mode, select option two – “factory reset keep recordings”. Agree to proceed, clicking the Power button to confirm.
  • The box will now download the relevant software. This can take several minutes. Once complete, the box will restart.

If this didn’t rectify the issue, you can try a factory reset as a last resort. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Note: This will delete all your recordings.

  • Navigate to the YouView menu via the YouView button on your remote control.
  • Select the Blue YouView Button.
  • Then select ‘Settings’.
  • Finally, choose ‘Factory reset’.

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