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When is Jessica Batten’s birthday? Love is Blind star couldn’t stop talking about age!

From Narcos: Mexico to The Stranger, Netflix has been bringing out some seriously good shows in 2020.

Whether you’re into competition series or the guilty pleasure of a dating show, the streaming site has a variety of series to offer. A brand new show, Love is Blind, has become a favourite worldwide since its release on Thursday, February 13th 2020.

The premise of the show? We find out whether love is truly ‘blind’ in a social experiment where 12 couples get engaged without seeing each other.

The contestants get to know one another via ‘dating pods’ where they can talk. If they feel enough of a connection with someone, they move onto the next stage of their relationship – the proposal.

Her age was a majorly talked-about topic on the show, so when is Jessica Batten’s birthday?

jessica batten birthday love is blind
Envato Elements – Jessica Batten birthday Love is Blind

Jessica Batten on Love is Blind

From her ‘baby’ voice to her tendency to almost always have a glass of red wine in-hand, Jessica Batten was certainly a stand-out participant on Love is Blind.

She dated Mark Cuevas during the social experiment.

The blonde bombshell hails from Chicago but now resides in LA.

Jessica was one of the participants to say “I don’t” on her wedding day, leaving Mark at the alter.

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Jessica Batten birthday: Love is Blind

During her time on Love is Blind, Jessica’s age of 34 was a hot topic.

The ‘tech aficionado’ often pointed out how she was ten years older than her partner, Mark, 24.

The first season of Love is Blind saw some awkward moments as Mark was regularly grilled about whether he was ‘ready’ to marry and spend the rest of his life with someone ten years his senior.

Jessica celebrates her birthday on June 26th making her a Cancer in the astrology world. She was born in 1984.

Where is Jessica Batten now?

As of the Love is Blind reunion, Jessica is single. However, it seemed that she and Mark have made amends since the show.

And by the looks of her Instagram page, she’s still flying solo in March 2020. Her sidekick and adorable Golden Retriever pup, Payton, is still in the picture, though.

Find Jessica on Insta @jessicabatten_ where she has around 440,000 followers.

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jessica batten birthday love is blind
Envato Elements – Jessica Batten birthday Love is Blind



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