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Does my LG TV have Freeview Play? Get the most out of the free-to-air service

does my lg tv have freeview play

If unsure whether an LG TV has Freeview Play, you may be going without a great deal of content unnecessarily.

When purchasing a new TV, heading straight for the shops may not be the best option. There are tonnes of people re-selling their old TVs at great prices. A second-hand TV can be a much more pocket-friendly way of upgrading your home.

However, if your TV is pre-owned you may not know everything you need to about the make and model. Your LG TV could have capabilities that aren’t being put to use.

Many LG TV owners are wondering whether Freeview Play is accessible to them in 2020. So, let’s take a look at how to find out whether a TV has Freeview Play availability or not.

does my lg tv have freeview play
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Does my LG TV have Freeview play?

In 2016, Freeview Play launched on selected WebOS 3.0 Smart TVs.

With Freeview Play, viewers can enjoy over 20,000 hours of catch-up content including shows from the ITV Hub and All 4, BBC iPlayer and Channel 5. (Note that a TV License is required to watch BBC iPlayer content).

To check whether an LG TV has Freeview Play capabilities, you may need to complete a software update. Ensure that your TV is running on the latest software by heading to Settings > General > About This TV.

How to retune an LG TV

To make sure that you’re receiving all the channels available on your LG TV, it’s always advisable to complete a retune regularly. (Warning: Avoid completing a retune during extreme weather conditions).

To complete an LG TV retune, please follow the steps below.

Quick Settings > All Settings > Programmes > Programme Tuning & Settings > Auto-Tuning > Check “Antenna” box > Check “Digital Only Search”.

After a few minutes, the Freeview channels will now be automatically scanned and installed.

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Does my Samsung TV have Freeview Play?

As well as LG Smart TVs, many opt for Samsung as a TV brand, too. Unfortunately, Samsung TV owners don’t look to be able to access Freeview Play.

However, according to Freeview, “If your Samsung TV was manufactured in 2016 or earlier, it will most likely have Freeview installed.

Although Freeview Play isn’t available, the regular Freeview service is. In the instance that you wish to watch content from apps such as ALL4 on a Samsung TV, they would need to be downloaded from “Apps” on the TV.

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