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Can you watch Pick TV on an iPad? Is it limited to on-demand shows?

Can you watch Pick TV on an iPad?

Can you watch Pick TV on an iPad? That’s what many people are wondering now that the Premier League is airing on free-to-view telly.

Since the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, the football season came to a halt. However, things are starting to move again in the world and this extends to sporting events.

Sky TV has chosen to air Premier Leauge football matches on Pick TV. And while this is great for many TV owners, some iPad owners are left wondering whether they can get access to the football, too.

So, let’s take a look at what’s possible. Can you watch Pick TV on an iPad?

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Can you watch Pick TV on an iPad?

Yes,  you can watch Pick TV on an iPad, however, this may not apply to the Premier League football matches airing over the summer.

Unfortunately, it only looks like there’s one football match that’s been confirmed to be available via the Freeview app.

The mobile app is downloadable for iPad and other mobile devices. According to the Freeview website, viewers can watch Burnley vs Wolves on Wednesday, July 15th at 6 pm on BBC via the app.

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Can you watch live TV with the Freeview mobile app?

Yes, with the Freeview mobile app you can watch live TV.

According to the Freeview website, “as long as you’re online you’ll instantly be able to see what’s showing on TV at that moment – just scroll up and down the ‘What’s On’ section of the app. There’s also a progress bar that tells you how much of the programme has been on already.”

The Freeview app is available for download for iOS and Android devices.

Watch Freeview on Apple TV

Not only is Freeview available on TVs via Smart TV or Freeview box, but with the Freeview app, it can be viewed on all kinds of devices.

Apple TV supports the Freeview app, as does the Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast and more.

Freeview not only supplies live free-to-air channels to millions of households across the UK, but with the Freeview Play app, there’s a tonne of on-demand content to view, too. You can even pause, rewind and record live TV with a Freeview recorder. To check the coverage in your area and find out how many Freeview channels you can get, see the Freeview postcode checker.

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