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The 7 Best Portable Gaming Monitors: PS4, Xbox & PC

Portable gaming monitors

Gaming on the go can be a tricky business, but no true gamer wants to leave their set-up behind on a trip lasting over 24 hours. Withdrawal symptoms are a very real feeling! That’s why you need an epic portable set-up for you and your best gaming pals to take on the road. Long car journeys, down time of holidays, or just spending some time at the in-laws over the holidays? No problem! We have a run-down of the 7 best portable gaming monitors for PS4, Xbox & PC for you in 2020. Start writing that wish-list now!

We will talk the finer qualities of the best portable gaming monitors, connectivity, screen size in comparison to resolution and much more. One thing is for sure, you will never have an excuse to leave home for an extended period without your portable gaming set-up ever again.

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Top 7 Best Portable Gaming Monitors

Choosing your portable monitor is a very personal business. You need to know what you will be using it for, where you will be headed. Most importantly, what features you will need to make your adventure set-up top. Here we will unpick al the tasty features that shout at you from the product specifications section. We will break down what they mean, and what additional features back them up to make for smoother game-play. Here we go!


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G-STORY 15.6″ 165Hz

One of the best portable monitors at a mid-range price, this has the capacity to work with all your favourite consoles like PS4 and Xbox, as well as PC and even as an extension to your smart phone! As long as it has a USB C port that is.

Whilst the 15.6″ monitor is advertised with a 165Hz refresh rate, it is actually 144Hz native, with the ability to employ 165Hz as a boost option. Still, with a 1ms response time gameplay is smooth and satisfying with minimal ghosting. Screen tearing isn’t even a worry in your mind as you play all the best, fast paced graphics heavy games. This monitor is equipped with both FreeSync and G-Sync capability. Although you will only be able to connect FreeSync supported devices using the HDMI cable, and G-Sync supported devices using USB-C port.

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The overall connectivity is great, with the ability to connect even Switch and Raspberry Pi, though this comes with a warning. You must connect the power supply and the compatible device in the same time frame, or else the screen will enter power-saving mode. This is a little odd quirk, but should present too much of an issue as long as you are near a power source.

The IPS display is one of the better screen options, fully HDR with a 1080p resolution screen and an 8Bit colour panel. This gives a beautiful RGB colour spectrum rendering of up to 99% with depth and accuracy. The clarity in contrast is also very good, with only some minor depth issues in the dark shadows of certain darker scenes. Unfortunately viewing angles aren’t great overall, though they are advertised as upto 178°. There is no anti-glare coating. However, with a fantastic 400 nit brightness level, a decent screen resolution and HDR capacity, the overall quality of the images and colour is mostly great.

All in all this is a sleek and well-executed device which is lightweight and 2.4kg and slim. The whole thing measures 40.6 x 30.5 x 7.6cm, and comes with a free soft carry pouch in the box, which is a nice touch by G-Story.

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Product Features

  • FreeSync and G-Sync enabled
  • USB-C and Mini HDMI connectivity
  • 144Hz native with capacity for 165Hz
  • Built-in speakers

GAEMS Guardian Pro XP™️ 24″ Ultimate Gaming Environment

This Gaemes model is a bit of a wild-card here, as it is also a high-functioning carry case. This being said, it is heavier than some of the other monitors at around 159grams on its own, but with 13kg with an Xbox console stored inside. The hard exterior casing measuring 76.2 x 55.1 x 21.1 cm. Yet for the functionality the whole system provides, it is a great model for the extreme gamer.

The monitor is built into the top shell, with a unique chamber set into the base for the console of your choice. This is secured by two metal plates on hinges which screw in at the front. This keeps the console completely safe throughout transportation and game-play. It has storage for your controllers, a decent set of 9W tuned speakers with subwoofers included, 2 headphone jacks, and 3 front facing USB ports. There is also an HDMI out port with a cover located in the base.

Users can also set up external mounted camera’s, lighting equipment and microphones, for those who like to create and stream content on the go. The people at Gaems have really thought thoroughly about the modern obsessive gamer!

The generous 24″ screen is the largest in this review, and definitely stands up to some serious gaming. The IPS panel boasts a 1440p resolution and 9ms response time in overdrive. Whilst this is on the slower side, and the 60Hz refresh rate is nothing to write home about, it is barely noticeable when supporting a high functioning console. The screen’s resolution makes gameplay a total joy, with no blurring or screen tearing and very little lag if any. And with a top 300nit brightness level, this is sure to be a monitor you can use almost anywhere.

Whilst the monitor does work well with PC, there is a lot of external gear making the monitor very bulky. So, if you are more of a PC gamer, this probably wouldn’t be the best option for you hardware-wise. Plus, with three USB 3.0 (one for charging, two for peripherals) and 2 headphone jacks, this really has been built with the console gamer in mind. Yet with superior images and fast-paced games rendered beautifully, this is a great option for those who like to feel fully immersed.

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Product Features

  • Durable carry case for keeping monitor and console equipment safe
  • 24″ screen
  • 1440p resolution
  • Mounts for camera, lighting and microphone

AOC E1659FWU 16″ Ultra Slim

The people at AOC have provided one of the best options for portable gaming monitors on a budget. Not only does this system connect to the latest games console, but you can also connect one extra monitor, or more, to your PC or Mac using DisplayLink software from Windows. This allows you to connect via USB, but also via Wifi, leaving your USB ports free for other uses and zero additional hardware to fiddle with. The software also allows you to connect more than one additional screen. This does mean you must first download DisplayLink software to your laptop before you can use the additional monitor in conjunction.

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There are a couple of additional drawbacks. The resolution is slightly lower than other models in this review, at 1366 x 768 pixels, and the contrast is set at 500:1. And with a refresh rate of 60Hz and 8ms response time, this monitor can be slightly lacking in performance with the latest software and games. The other feature of this monitor is that there are no external buttons. All controls via menu options is software based. Some may enjoy this, whilst others find it frustrating, it really is personal preference. It also means that the monitor must be connected to a power source in order to function.

However, in terms of every day use and playing games whilst away from home, this does do the job… The colours can be lacking in vibrancy, but the images are fairly crisp for a monitor of this size and substance. The Flexi-stand stand is a well designed silver plastic loop that supports landscape and portrait modes. This slots right into the back of the monitor when not in use. The Monitor is connected and charged through a USB 3.0 port

The display brightness of 200nits is also pretty decent for a monitor of this budget, and it is lightweight at 1.09kg. The slim design is a great option for those short trips when you need an additional screen, or low-level gameplay.

Product Features

  • USB 3.0 Powered
  • Resolution 768p
  • Wifi connectivity with laptop (Must have DisplayLink installed)
  • Foldable Flexi-stand for easy storage

ASUS ROG Strix 17.3″ XG17 AHPE

In terms of best portable gaming monitors, this option has one of the higher price points you will see. It does, however, deliver a supreme performance in many ways, earning its place as contender for the best portable gaming monitor out there currently!

The screen size of 17.3″ is generous and comes with anti-glare coating. It has a decent brightness level of 300nits, which works great in most ambient light condition. The IPS panel gives great wide viewing angles, 240Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time works well in conjunction with graphics intensive games, and the FHD 1080p resolution screen makes images crisp and clean. Adaptive Sync technology also means screen tearing and ghosting is eliminated fro game-play. This certainly could rival many desktop monitors in terms of performance.

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The Rog Strix comes with one Micro HDMI, one USB-C display, one USB-C for power. You can connect this to the latest consoles, laptops and PCs as well as smartphones. It can even be connected to most camera types. It also has two 1W speakers in-built, which are good for general audio without base notes. There is also no distortion when turning the sound up to maximum capacity, which is fantastic. The headphone Jack, however, comes with 24-bit ESS 9118 DAC, meaning you get a rich sound experience when plugging in quality headphones.

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The Asus portable monitor also comes equipped with a 7800 mAh battery, giving you around 3-4 hours of charge with medium usage! Plus, with fast charge technology you can get around 60% battery charge within one hour. The magnetic stand supplied is fairly versatile and can also be used as a cover. The thread-mount in the back of the monitor also gives the option for using an additional sturdier stand. Weighing 1.6kg and only 1cm in width, this is one of the finer examples of portable technology.

Product Features

  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 3ms response time
  • FHD with 1080p Resolution
  • IPS panel

Eyoyo Portable 13.3″ 4K

This is another great option for those on a budget. Eyoyo have equipped this 13.3″ screen with 4K capability, and with touchscreen too, this is a great contender for one of the best portable gaming monitors at a low price. The 2160p resolution screen is ultra HD and the IPS panel operates at a wide viewing angle of 178°. This give you the ability to watch 4K videos and play fast paced, graphics heavy games with little to no issues with sharpness and colouration.

This also has a favourable contrast ratio for its size at 800:1, though the 60Hz refresh rate does let the overall quality of the images. This is only a minor caveat however, as the other extensive features work to support game-play, though there might at certain points be some ghosting and a little blurring. Possibly some screen tearing too, though, this would be less frequent.

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You can plug in via games consoles, Switch, Raspberry Pi, laptop or PC and many smart devices. However, as with many portable monitors, this one needs to be connected to a power bank or another power source to operate. Eyoyo have included one USB and two mini HDMI ports and also a Mini DP for easy connection to Mac, Lenovo etc. This makes for fairly decent connectivity on the go, and the look and feel of the monitor is fairly sleek and durable. It measures 30.5 x 19.3 x 1.2 cm, and weighs 1.7kg, making this one of the most portable monitors in the set. The multi angle stand that comes with the device also works for portrait and landscape modes.

The great features of this monitor, like 4K capability and 2160p resolution, decent connectivity, and touchscreen make this a very interesting option for a cheaper model.

Product Features

  • 4K, UHD IPS panel
  • USB-C, Mini HDMI and Mini DP ports
  • 800:1 contrast ratio
  • Touchscreen capability

ASUS ZenScreen 15.6″ MB16AC

As another best budget option for portable gaming monitors, there are a few features that set it apart from the rest. The 144Hz refresh rate and FHD 1080p resolution screen, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time blow models like the AOC and Eyoyo out of the water.

The big difference with the Asus ZenScreen is the panel type. They have included a PLS panel (Plane to Line Switching), which was designed by Samsung to be the next best thing after the IPS panel type. This is meant to give the edge on a number of factors, increased brightness by as much as 10%, lower production costs, and overall image rendering quality. There remains little to be seen in difference unfortunately, but the PLS remains in line with the top qualities of the IPS screen.

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So, viewing angles are great whilst colour rendering and contrast gets along very well with high-quality games and consoles. The 144Hz refresh rate also removes screen tear from your mind, and minimises ghosting to an insignificant thought. This monitor has has Flicker Free and Low Blue Light technology, taking care of your eyes on those extended missions.

The monitor comes with a USB Type-C power connection. This is compatible with USB Type-A with an adaptor however. The Asus is fairly light for any other forms of connectivity sadly. Still, there is always the option of using a USB hub.

There is a small hole in the bottom right hand corner, named the ‘smart pen holder’. This has the express function of propping up the monitor using a pen or pencil. This is useful when not using the magnetic folding case that comes with it. This minor design inclusion comes in handy on the fly when travelling. And this is truly a very portable monitor; slim at 8mm thick, 35.97cm height, 22.64cm width, and weighing only 800g.

Product Features

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • FHD 1080p resolution
  • Flicker Free and Low Blue Light
  • New PLS panel

COCAR 15.6″ 4K Monitor

Cocar is another unknown make in this review of best portable gaming monitors. But don’t let that be a reason to discount it out of the gate. This 2160p Ultra HD IPS panel screen can be put through some decent paces. You can connect this monitor to all the latest consoles, PC and smart phones with very little fuss, and the LED brightness level of 350nits is excellent for playing in a variety of ambient lighting situations.

Colour reproduction is near perfect, with up to 100% SRGB wide colour gamut. However, there is a caveat in that the red hues within the screen can appear a little faded. Trying to correct this issue can lead to further colouration problems elsewhere.

A contrast ratio of 1000:1 in the 15.6″ screen, mean those lurking in-game opponents are easy to spot. The refresh rate of 60Hz does let down the screen a little. Though with HDMI connection and full USB-C functionality, output is well supported. Plus, that 4K display is just begging you to play fast-paced FPS and RPGs. The Cocar portable monitor also has a 4ms response time, which is better than some in this range, and AMD FreeSync, making screen tearing a thing of the past.

The monitor is almost as slim as the Asus ZenBook, at 9mm thick. It also weighs 1.58kg. This is pretty amazing considering the full metal outer casing that protects it. The aluminium alloy is durable and lightweight, giving you a overall premium feel. It also comes with a foldable mini display stand. With two USB-C ports, a mini HDMI (with HDMI adaptor cable included) and one DP power adapter for use with 4K videos and heavy games, connectivity is good. Overall this is a decent product from a lesser known brand.

Product Features

  • USB and DP connectivity
  • UHD 2160p resolution IPS panel
  • 4ms response time
  • Full aluminium alloy casing

Which Portable Monitor do Pro-gamers use?

Whilst it is not standard for the pro-gamers to use portable monitors, we are sure even these guys would want to play games on the fly too. Gaemes monitors would be the top pick for their all-in-one case and the durability of its design. The Guardian Pro XP™️ 24″ Ultimate Gaming Environment is exactly what it says it is. A decent set of speakers, very good connectivity, additional features that allows for mic, camera and lighting set-up on the go, and a very good IPS panel. All of these features make for a gamers monitor. Plus, everything is easily stored, protected and carried.

However, it is always worth looking at what desktop set-up a pro-gamer would have. Makes like Asus for ROG models, or BenQ for Zowie, tend to come out on top. So, perhaps something like the ROG Strix model would be great for a gamer who doesn’t want to invest in a monitor that is set into a carry case, such as the Gaems Guardian Pro XP™️.

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What is the Best Gaming Monitor for 2020?

In terms of overall gaming features, the ASUS ROG Strix 17.3″ has to be the absolute best for portable gaming monitors out there. The 240Hz refresh rate is magnificent and colours and contrast is near perfect. It has the additional feature of a rechargeable 7800 mAh battery inside. This gives you up to 4 hours of game-play without power connection. The design is slim and lightweight, but does not compromise on overall build quality. It also has decent connectivity with mini HDMI and USB-C ports. Plus, the generous 17.3″ screen size, anti-glare coating and 300nits brightness level, make for a very powerful addition to your gaming set-up whilst on the road.

We have to also hand the ASUS ZenScreen 15.6″ the runner up prize. Both in value for money and additional features. It delivers near perfect images and colours, with 144Hz refresh rate and FHD 1080p resolution screen. The PLS panel doesn’t deliver anything approaching incendiary differences from the IPS panel, it is still a great option with wide viewing angles and great colour rendering. There is also no room for screen tearing and ghosting. Whilst connectivity isn’t the best, it does has a USB-C port which gives it the edge in terms of fast connectivity.



The Best Portable Gaming Monitors: Which one will you Choose?

Well there you have it. Whilst they range in price and overall gaming value, there will be something to whet your appetite no doubt. And hopefully by now you will feel confident enough to weed out a good deal from a bad one. At the very least, you will know what features to look for that compliment each other during those extended hours of gameplay. Whether you are on an extended trip, on a bus or a train, or just out in a cafe for a change of scenery!

There are many factors to look out for, make sure you are confident in what you want. Internal battery, excellent connectivity, decent refresh rate and anything above FHD screen capability. If you have enjoyed this article, share it with your gamer buddies, or maybe drop mad hints to your loved ones by leaving this open on your monitor screen?

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