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7 Best 27 Inch PC Monitors Under £200

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Most people will get a monitor with their PC, all in one box together, set up and away you go. Never questioning whether they are really getting the most out of their computer. But having a monitor not suited to your needs is like wearing someone else’s glasses. You are likely to struggle, and miss out on some of the best features of the world. When you look into the subterranean world of monitor-buying, you see that there are a lot of features, new technologies, bells and whistles. There are also a lot of different price-points. The terminology and technical points alone are likely to make your head swim. There is a lot to take in, but we are here to help! That is why we have reviewed for you the 7 best 27 inch computer monitors under £200.

We cannot wait to share our findings with you. We will highlight best options for gamers and office-based work, look at the key features that make up a good gaming monitor, and signpost the features that are likely to save your eyes the fatigue of extended screen time.

When you come to the end of this article, you will be imbued with a keen eye for the finer points of monitor shopping!

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Review: the Best 27 inch Monitors under £200

When looking for the best 27 inch computer monitors under £200, there are a number of factors to consider.

Some users are looking for the best gaming monitor, and therefore need the finest modern technology to bring vibrant images and fast-paced action alive. This will mean looking for a high-resolution screen with a decent contrast ratio (ideally 3000:1 or above), and the ability to convey an enormous range high quality colours that look and feel true to life. The same can be said for photographers looking to edit their work on a computer. Gamers, however, will also be looking for technology that removes input lag whilst also reducing tearing or blurring of the action on screen.

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A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees is also optimum. Especially when using a multi-monitor set up. This is generally beneficial for gamers who would prefer a more immersive experience. It is also great for photo-editing or office-based work when switching between a number of applications.

PC users who are looking for a screen fit for office work might feel they have little use for the best technological advances for the screen. Features that improve in-game action, however, are also apt to make watching movies all the more immersive, so it is wise to keep this in mind when shopping around for a decent budget monitor. What office-based, web-browsing users should also be looking for is a screen that displays crisp clear text without blur. This also requires a high resolution screen.

These are all things to consider whilst you are reading this guide to the best 27 inch computer monitors. But keep an open mind, and you might find something you weren’t expecting. Certainly, you will find something you like!

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Samsung LC27R500FHUXEN

First up is one of two curved monitors in this review. This feature has become slightly more common of late, but generally at a higher price-point. As this slowly trickles down to the budget options, we question if a curved monitor will make a difference?

The curved monitor is supposed to reduce eye strain, and enhance the range of viewing angles. It seems that the science behind this holds up. The curve facilitates the image emitted to be directed into the viewers eye. Many would view this feature alone would qualify it as one of the best 27 inch computer monitors. The caveat is that there will always be glare from certain angles. But this is a minor price to pay for reduced eye-strain, and with a well placed set-up you can avoid this causing issues.

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This Samsung monitor features bezel-less sides on the left, right and top of the screen. A design feature meant to allow near un-broken viewing if using more than one screen. This works rather well, is great for gaming, and combined with the curved angle facilitates longer gameplay as your eyes feel less fatigue. this is also useful for office-based work where lots of applications are required.

With both a standard HDMI and VGA (Video Graphics Array) connectivity, all users have their needs met. Added to this, AMD FreeSync™ technology promises to increase the smooth play of graphics-heavy games. The technology was originally created in competition with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. This is only really suitable for users who already have an AMD graphics card in their PC. Either way, Samsungs Full HD capability will bring you the smoothest images it can muster with its 1080p resolution screen.

The average of 34 watts power consumed is fairly high for a screen of this size. Though with the curved screen and FHD 1080p screen, it is easily understood.

Product Features

  • Curved for wider viewing angles and eye comfort
  • FreeSync™ technology
  • VGA, USB and HDMI connectivity
  • FHD 1080p (Full High Definition)


Philips 272E1CA

The second of the curved monitor in our round-up, this LED screen also boasts AMD FreeSync™ technology, minimising lag-time and blurring drastically enough to be equally great for gaming as watching high-quality videos. This models 4 millisecond response time is fairly basic, but it has a decent 3000:1 contrast ratio. Supported by the 1080p display resolution and Full HD function and high refresh rate of 75Hz, this can make for some pretty crisp images whether gaming or reading text. Though this of course depends on what you are viewing, and if you are using the HDMI or VGA port to connect to your PC and additional screens.

Whilst the monitor does have tilt control. it is lacking in height and swivel functionality, which can prove very useful when setting up your desktop arrangement. An average of 38.8 watts power consumption makes this a little on the heavy side. but, the integrated speakers area nice touch, and the overall look and viewing quality of the screen is decent.

Product Features

  • Curved for wider viewing angles and eye comfort
  • FreeSync™ technology
  • 75Hz Refresh rate
  • Integrated 3W speakers


HP 27f Ultraslim

HPs 27inch monitor is Ultraslim in name, and ultra-slim in nature. Measuring just 4cm in width and weighing in at 3.6kg, it is the thinnest monitor in the set, and one of the lightest. Built from a strong, lightweight metal, HP have created a product that both looks and feels like a higher priced screen. But how does it check out in performance?

As with Philips and Samsung models, HP have kitted their monitor with AMD FreeSync™ and FHD resolution of 1080p. The screen itself is an In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen, a technology that uses liquid crystals that produce and enhance colour accuracy and depth. It also gives wider viewing angles for the user. These when features combined serve to reduce lag to near negligible levels, yet with a slightly higher response time of 5 milliseconds, they are letting the side down a little. To the untrained eye this could make little to no difference. Gameplay and 4k videos, however, could experience some blurring at the edges.

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The addition of a VGA connection (along side one regular HDMI) is a great feature for gamers when combined with the IPS screen and FreeSync™ technology. The screen has an anti-glare coating too, great for viewing your screen on a sunny day with little to no trouble.

These features certainly do pit it with some of the best 27 inch computer monitors around. And at an average output of 22 watts, this is also one of the most economic and environmentally friendly products in the price range! Sadly, the product does not come with the standard VESA mounting option, meaning you aren’t able to attach it to your wall, but this is only a minor detail for a very solid product.

Product Features

  • Lightweight at 3.6kg
  • IPS screen
  • VGA and HDMI connectivity
  • FreeSync™ technology

BenQ GL2780

The first thing to mention about this model is the design. Whilst other models allow cables to trail from the monitor down to the floor, designers at BenQ have fitted the stand with a stand that hides the cables inside. This plus the t-shaped base gives a sleek look, and tidies up your desktop!

The LED screen features a ‘colour weakness mode’ for those with colour blindness to adjust screen tint to personal preference. Eye-care B.I technology allows longer use by reducing blue light emitted from the screen to reduce fatigue. As if that wasn’t enough, BenQ have also added ‘brightness intelligence technology’, which adjusts brightness based on the on-screen image and the ambient lighting of your location.

This monitor also features a 60/75Hz refresh rate a 1 millisecond response time and contrast ratio of 12000000:1, which is incredibly generous for the price. Plus BenQ have another trick up their sleeve with HDMI, VGA, DVI and a DisplayPort (DP) connector! Having so many ports at your disposal allows you to seamlessly switch between devices. The combination of these features gives the this 27 inch monitor the prize for best gaming monitor. Though with brightness intelligence and ePaper mode, this is great for regular or office use too!

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What is lacking, however, are features such as IPS and AMD FreeSync technology that the other contenders have, and viewing angles are slightly reduced at 170 degrees. other products in this review sit at 178 degrees. Also, whilst there is a little give on the tilt of the screen, there is no capability for height adjustment. The average power usage of 35 watts is also on the higher end of the scale. However, with an FHD 1080p resolution screen, high refresh rate, low response time, and ultra-connectivity, this is not likely to make a lasting negative impression on the user.

Product Features

  • 1 millisecond response time
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • VGA, HDMI and DVI connectivity
  • Brightness intelligence technology

Dell S2719H

The borderless display feature of this Dell model allows for greater seamless action when using more than one screen. The design is also sleek with a narrow silver on black T-shaped base. IPS technology built in to this LED backlit monitor is also likely to increase your viewing pleasure. Throw in FHD 1080p screen and we have ourselves a party!

There is a caveat that could drop it out of the running for best 27 inch computer monitors. At 60Hz refresh rate and a response time of 5 milliseconds, the overall viewing quality is let down with slight input lag and some blurring at the edges. The contrast ratio is also low. At 1000:1 there is some issue with depth of image and general brightness when viewing in some ambient light settings. The monitor does come with an anti-glare coating which will help with this in daylight hours, but it will not detract from the low contrast ratio overall.

Where this Dell Monitor does redeem itself however is in the Waves MaxxAudio 5W in-built speakers. these are designed to give you superior depth of audio, enhancing you cinematic experience and those big in-game sounds.

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2 HDMI connectors allow the user to have 2 devices connected at once, though it is lacking in the quality ports like VGA or USB C. Whilst this monitor lacks the features that make for a great gaming monitor, it is a solid option for regular office use, web browsing, and watching YouTube or movies. Especially with those speakers built in. Also, with an average 24 watts power use, it is one of the more economic options. It is certainly the best monitor for families on a budget.

Product Features

  • In-built 5W Waves Maxx Audio Speakers
  • FHD 1080p
  • IPS Screen
  • 2 HDMI ports

Acer Nitro VG270bmiix

This is a solid monitor for gamers. Acer’s ZeroFrame monitor is supposed to bring you seamless visuals when using more than one monitor at a time. And those 7mm bezels to the left, right and top of the screen really do give that panoramic experience that is perfect for epic game-play. The sleek T base is minimalist and with a sleek brushed finish. It is also magnetised—a minor feature but useful sticking paperclips, pins and notes to.

Acer’s model has all the features that make it a great option for best 27 inch computer monitor for gaming and even movies. It boasts IPS screen, a response time of 1 millisecond, a 75Hz refresh rate, FreeSync™, and FHD 1080p resolution. There is also a low blue light setting is great for longer-use as it reduces eye-strain and fatiguing. It has two HDMI and one VGA port, which puts it toward the top end for connectivity in this review.

The intended jewel in the crown of this monitor, however, is the Visual Response Boost. This technology is meant to give the effect of a 144Hz refresh rate, to enhance action sequences and removing blurring by inserting black frames between existing frames. There have been mixed reviews about this. Whilst many people enjoy VRB and find it enhances their viewing experience, others find it creates a distracting on-screen flicker. This flaw seems to present itself in lighter sequences, but there is always the option to turn it off if it doesn’t work for you. Indeed, this model actually features a gaming menu panel, where you can adjust all levels to suit you.

The Acer does come with in-built speakers, though these do no quite pass the test. Even at maximum volume the audio is difficult to hear. However, at 18 watts power use, it is one of the most economic model we have reviewed here.

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Product Features

  • 1 millisecond response time
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Visual Response Boost
  • FreeSync™ technology


As with the Acer, this Asus model has all the great features you would expect from one of the best 27 inch computer monitors. An IPS screen with FHD 1080p resolution, 1 millisecond response time, 75Hz refresh rate, two HDMI and one VGA port. Combined with FreeSync™ technology and a 100000000:1 contrast ratio, this makes for a decent monitor indeed.

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The 8mm bezels surrounding the screen are slim, despite not being marketed as such. When combining screens this makes for a more seamless view. The base is round which differs slightly from other models in this review, but it is still a rather sleek design. One caveat with the VC279HG is that the text is not as crisp as you would perhaps want it. So whilst this has the makings of a great gaming monitor, it isn’t ideal for office use or web browsing. It is, however, also great for watching movies and 4K videos.

this is a fantastic product. And at 18 watts power usage, The Asus are in line with Acer in creating the most economic model. One minor gripe with this model is the menu buttons. The touch sensitive buttons in-built into the monitor do not feature lights, which can prove tricky when searching for them in low ambient light. However, this is not likely to detract from its finer features and overall viewing quality.

Product Features

  • 1 millisecond response time
  • Low Blue Light technology
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • FreeSync™ technology

Which is the best gaming monitor under £200?

For gaming, the best monitor has to be BenQ GL2780. Whilst the curved screen of the Philips and Samsung models can give gamers a more immersive feel, BenQ have combined a host of fantastic features that knock them out of the water. The truth is, while curved screens are great at a higher price point, the lower budget options have fewer features on the whole.

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The winning model is a great all-round gaming option, whilst also being a great option for watching movies and editing photos. The high resolution and FreeSync™ technology. True, the Acer model is fantastic for game-play and features thin ZeroFrame bezels. But it was narrowly pipped at the post by the BenQ model due to the additional feature of colour weakness mode. this gives tremendous accessibility for people with colour-blindness and issues viewing hues of green and red. Its impressive range of ports (HDMU, VGA and DP) also gives the gamer the option of seamlessly switching between devices at a moments notice.

The anti-glare coating and eye-care feature also make for a superior product that facilitates extended use. Well done BenQ-HQ!

PC monitor gamer
Photo by Stem List on Unsplash

Which is the best monitor for office use under £200?

Whilst marketed as more of a gaming monitor, we have to say that the Acer Nitro VG270bmiix makes for a fantastic all-rounder, and really one of the best 27 inch computer monitors out there. The low blue light function makes extended more accessible with little to no eye-fatiguing. The FHD 1080p resolution and generous contrast ratio mean images and text will be crisp and clean. Plus the ZeroFrame bezels and sleek minimalist design make it a great option if using in conjunction with one or more additional screens.

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Whilst the VRB technology seems to be a great advancement, it really only works as well as intended with higher-quality monitors. At this price point lacks the supporting features to give it the power required it seems.

But this monitor does have one overall plus. It functions well as an office-based PC, but can also be used after hours for movies and a little game-play as well!

computer monitor
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A final note on monitors: TN, VA and IPS screens

Hopefully by now you will feel a little more comfortable taking on the world of computer monitors. You might well know which are the best 27 inch computer monitors for you. But, while we have talked a fair bit about IPS screens, there are two other options that have remained absent. These are Twisted-Nematic (TN) and Vertical Alignment (VA).

The TN is an older and more readily available type of LCD panel. They are cheap to produce, and as such will often feature in the budget ranges. They can be fairly good quality, though it is always best to look for the refresh rate (75Hz or above ideally) and the response time when thinking of purchasing a monitor of this type. Still, it is generally considered to be a good all-rounder and works well with light gaming, but lacks the depth of colour and wide viewing angles of VA and IPS screens.

The VA panel has come to function as a hybrid of IPS and TN. It performs well in terms of depth of colour and contrast, but comes with a higher refresh rate. This makes quality gaming sub-par as fast-paced images are more susceptible to blurring or ‘tearing’.

It is generally accepted now that the IPS panel is best for game-play, watching movies and image or video editing. Even office-based tasks are better due to the quality of the colours, cleaner image and text production and wide viewing angles.

When picking best 27 inch computer monitor, it is important to have your specific requirements in mind. Otherwise you could feel like you are wearing someone else’s glasses!

Make sure to share this with friends and family who use a monitor for gaming, editing or browsing the web! All those technical terms might seem scary at first, but once you know how to handle them, they can help to broaden your horizons. Quite literally!