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Which Is the Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest? UK Options

Best mouse pad with wrist rest uk

If you spend long periods using your PC or laptop, then you will surely know the importance of a decent mouse pad. If not, then we’re going to tell you the best mouse pad with wrist rest available to buy in the UK.

Whether you use your PC or laptop daily for work, gaming, or browsing the web, it is important that you’re using the right equipment. If you already have an ergonomic mouse or keyboard, you’re halfway there. But, many of us forget the importance of a well-designed mouse pad.

In fact, an ergonomic mouse pad can not only make you more comfortable whilst at your desk, but it can also reduce wrist strain and prevent issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the best mouse pad with wrist rest available to buy in the UK.

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Kensington Mouse Pad with Ergonomic Duo Gel Wrist Support

This mouse pad is high-up there for both design and comfort, down to its duo gel wrist support which moulds to your wrist shape for extra support. This gel support also works to keep your wrists cool and promote ventilation around the area.

In addition to that, the rigid base of this mouse mat provides a sturdy base for accurate mouse usage, in an easy-wipe vinyl material.

  • Easy-to-clean vinyl material
  • Gel wrist support that moulds to your wrist’s curvature
  • Gel wrist support also keeps wrist and hand ventilated and keeps cool even after long periods of use
  • Sturdy mat base for precise mouse movements

Fellowes Memory Foam Optica Friendly Mouse Pad

The Fellowes Memory foam mouse pad is certainly one of the best available in the UK due to its memory foam wrist support. This wrist rest will mould to the curvature of your wrist as you move, preventing strain in your wrist during long days at work.

In addition to that, the material of this mouse pad and wrist support will absorb your body heat through the day, to help improve circulation whilst at your desk.

  • Memory foam wrist support for extra comfort
  • Body heat absorption to improve circulation during long periods of use
  • Handy non-slip base
  • Superior tracking surface for accurate mouse movements

MOJO Beanbag Ergonomic Mouse Pad

One of the best mouse pads with wrist rest, the MOJO Beanbag Ergonomic style is certainly more creative than most. However, the design of this mouse pad means it can be used at your desk – and anywhere else too.

So, if you’re working on your laptop in bed, or on the sofa, this mouse pad will adapt – and still provide support for your wrist. In fact, this mouse pad can sit right in your lap, allowing your arm to fall naturally, even when using your mouse.

  • Beanbag design allows the mouse pad to be used anywhere, not only flat surfaces
  • Beanbag contours as you use the mouse, providing a stable but comfortable surface for mouse and wrist
  • Ergonomically designed to improve posture
  • Designed for use in lap to ensure natural alignment and reduce stress in arm

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Boona Arm Rest Gel Mouse Pad

The Boona mouse pad is another memory foam wrist support design, providing excellent all-day comfort and increased support for your wrist. Combine this with the lycra finish for improved mouse tracking and this is certainly one of the best mouse pads with wrist rest available in the UK.

In addition to those features, this mouse pad has a silicone base to prevent slipping and is larger than move average mouse pads. So, you have plenty of space for movement whilst working.

  • Memory foam wrist rest
  • Lycra finish for ease of tracking and cleaning
  • Silicone base to prevent slipping
  • Large mousepad for freedom of movement

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Londo Leather Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

A more stylish design, the Londo Leather Mouse Pad is a great addition to your workspace. The leather design is durable, easily cleaned and finished with high-quality stitching.

Not only that, but the wrist support is firmly padded, and smooth on the skin if you’re using your mouse for long periods. The Londo mouse pad also comes with non-slip backing, to prevent slipping on your desk during use.

  • Made from soft, high-quality leather material
  • Smooth finish for uninterrupted mouse use
  • Padded ergonomic wrist support
  • Non-slip backing

So, there you have the five best mouse pads with wrist rest for UK purchase.

When it comes to working from home, having the correct set-up is incredibly important. Ergonomic equipment such as mousepads, can not only prevent us from injury or bad posture. They can also enhance and improve our work efficiency in the long-term too.

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