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Logitech Z200 vs Creative Pebble: Which PC speakers suit you best?

Making our home entertainment systems the best they can be is something we all enjoy. Whether it be gaming, watching Netflix series or learning new things via YouTube, ensuring we have a great audio system is a must.

Thankfully, we can expand and improve our devices easily with the help of extras such as speakers, screens, webcams and more.

There are many computer speakers available on the market, but if you’re not into being bombarded with information and prefer to take your time to look into each product, then we have the perfect guide on two budget speakers.

These two options of home speaker are such great value for money that you won’t need to wait around for a Black Friday deal or for them to go down in price. Both the Logitech Z200 and the Creative Pebble speakers are a steal.

So, let’s take a look at the Logitech Z200 vs Creative Pebble – which speaker suits you best?

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Creative Pebble PC speakers – £26.99

Creative is a tech brand established in Singapore in 1981.

Many years later in 2019, Creative brought out a pair of great quality PC speakers in the form of the Creative Pebble.

These very cheap speakers are suitable for anyone wishing to expand their audio on a mobile, laptop or PC. However, iOS devices aren’t compatible because the speakers connect via 3.5 mm jack.

This set of two speakers, designed with ‘zen’ theme in mind, is joined by a long cable. Both ‘pebbles’ are set at a 45-degree angle – perfectly directed towards the face and ears.

Each speaker puts out 2.2 watts each – 4.4 watts of power in total.

There’s no mains plug with this model. The speakers connect to power via USB only which is good for anyone wishing to transport the speakers on a regular basis.

The USB connectivity is also useful as some TVs can do with having their audio improved. With these speakers, if the TV features a USB port, you can connect them and enhance the audio.

Many will agree that the Creative Pebble offers a great-looking design, which is both fuss-free and stylish. The speakers also come in white.

Another feature worth mentioning is the anti-slip on the bottom of the speaker. Not only will your speakers be secure on a shelf or desk but they all absorb vibrations well.

A simple rotary volume control can be accessed on one of the speakers with ease.

Logitech Z200 PC speakers – £26.66

Also founded in 1981 is Swiss tech brand Logitech.

They have on offer a comparable pair of speakers in the form of the Z200.

The similarities between the Logitech Z200 PC speakers and the Creative Pebble PC speakers are ample.

This pair of speakers also offers volume control via a rotary control. They also feature a wired connection between the two speakers.

The Logitech Z200 speakers feature both a headphone port as well as a 3.5mm jack mobile device which can connect them to back of your PC or device.

Both products are lightweight with the Logitech speakers being the heavier of the two at 1 KG.

However, there are some differences between the two speaker models. The Logitech speakers are mains powered.

They also have an output of 10 watt peak power. There are two 2.5 inch drivers within the speaker, plus any users of the Logitech speakers can enjoy a tone control on the side of speakers. With this, you can control the bass level rich.

Logitech Z200 vs Creative Pebble

There are many similarities between both the Logitech Z200 and the Creative Pebble speakers.

They’re both compact products but also produce fantastic sound.

Depending on your home office aesthetic, you may want to opt for the black or white colour options of these speakers.

Overall we’d opt for the Creative Pebble speakers. It’s hard to make a choice between two speakers that are so similar, but because of the USB power feature and the Pebble’s modern look, Digi Helpdesk rates them a little more than the Logitech model.

The Logitech speakers may be more suitable for anyone wishing for more powerful audio or a more traditional-looking pair of speakers.

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