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How to cast to Firestick from Mac, mirroring to PC options

The Apple ecosystem is fantastic, it lets you easily connect all your Apple devices, share files between them seamlessly, and cannot be matched by any other manufacturer as of now.

However, with this great functionality also comes a price premium. If you already have a couple of Apple products, you may benefit from investing in more to build up your Apple arsenal and enjoy the flawless functionality the brand provides.

If you have a MacBook and want to mirror the screen on your TV without buying an Apple TV, then we have an excellent guide for you. Today, we will guide you on how you can mirror your MacBook’s screen to the Amazon Firestick.
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How to cast to Amazon Firestick from a Mac?

An Amazon Fire TV Stick can be purchased for a substantially lower price than the Apple TV. Although you will have to compromise on the seamlessness, you will still get a great experience. You will be able to share your MacBook’s screen to your TV and watch all your TV shows and movies on the big screen.

Although, the Amazon Firestick supports screen mirroring by default, Apple devices such as the iPhone and MacBook are not supported yet. However, don’t worry as we have some great options for you.

To mirror your MacBook’s screen on to your Firestick, you would have to install some applications on to your Firestick.

The one that we recommend is the AirScreen. This app not only supports MacBooks, but you can also use it to mirror your iOS devices.

Install the AirScreen application from the Amazon App Store on your Firestick. You will have to go through an effortless setup process. After that, open the AirScreen app to start a server that your MacBook can find.

Once set up and running, your MacBook would immediately locate the Amazon Firestick in the AirPlay menu. Just select your device, and the screen would start sharing. You can use the AirScreen app to duplicate your MacBook screen to your TV, or you can also use the TV as a secondary display. The mirroring quality is very high so that you can enjoy your movies by the fullest.

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What’s the difference between casting and screen mirroring?

The instructions above outline how to mirror your MacBook’s screen to your Amazon Firestick. However, note that it is not the same as casting, that you can do with the Google Chromecast. But what’s the difference between the two?

Even though they might seem similar, they are not. Screen mirroring simply displays whatever is on your MacBook’s screen to your TV.

On the other hand, casting is merely a way of instructing your TV on what you want to watch. When you “cast” a YouTube video to your Chromecast, you do not mirror your phone’s screen.

Instead, the Chromecast opens that YouTube video by itself. Casting usually means better quality and more immersive experience, whereas the quality of screen mirroring can sometimes depend on your Wi-Fi connection. Chromecasting is a great way to view your favourite content set up is easy and can plug directly into your TV

Forget screen mirroring and cast with the Chromecast!

Being able to cast to your TV opens up the viewing possibilities tenfold.

The Google Chromecast Smart TV streaming stick can turn any ordinary TV into a Smart TV in minutes. You can even stream content via your voice with voice activation!

Can I cast to Amazon Firestick from a Windows PC?

Just like with the MacBook, you cannot cast to the Firestick from a Windows PC by default.

However, you can screen mirror, without the need for any third-party application.

Enable the display mirroring option from the “Display & Sounds” option in settings, and the Firestick will start appearing in the “Connect” option in the notifications centre on your Windows PC.

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