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JVC TH-D227B Review – See How It Elevates TV Audio Quality

JVC TH-D227B Review

The JVC TH-D227B review shows how the compact soundbar replaces built-in TV speakers for enhanced audio quality. It pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth or by wire using a 3.5mm Aux cable, a digital optical audio cable or using coax inputs.

If you need a reliable analysis of the JVC THT-D227B you came to the right place. Most of those investigating the soundbar need to elevate the audio quality of your input.

But how do you know this is your case?

If you have ever experienced low-quality built-in TV speakers you know the full audio experience of movies, documentaries or other televised shows is limited.

This is where JVC’s soundbar comes in. This soundbar review shows how it improves audio quality and why it’s also easy to use.

What is a TV soundbar?

Those new to soundbars need to know the basics. A soundbar is a type of loudspeaker that projects audio from a device. In the case of JVC’s TH-D227B little soundbar, the audio source can be one of the following.

  • TV
  • Blue-Ray/DVD player
  • Satellite receiver
  • Video camera
  • MP3 player
  • Wired/wireless headphones

Made with a compact design, the soundbar only measures 42cm X 6.2cm X 9.2cm and it can be stored under the TV, in front of the TV, on the wall, or on the TV stand. It can even sit on top of a large TV such as on the 49″ Techwood 49AO8UHD TV. From this perspective, it can be one of the options made for those with limited storage space.

JVC TH-D227B features 

  • 30W high-quality audio power
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming capacity
  • 2 standard home cinema audio presets for moves for movies and music
  • Included equalizer for bass and treble adjustments
  • Various wired connectivity methods – optical, coaxial, aux-in (3.5mm)
  • Built-in LED status light indicator
  • Included remote control

The design of the soundbar requires all the cables to be connected to the back panel, which means they don’t take away from the polished look of the home audio system. For the purpose of practicality, the soundbar should always be facing towards the room. It even comes with a built-in Bluetooth pairing status LED light which is only visible from the front. At the same time, this orientation secures undistorted audio.

How to install the JVC soundbar?

Installing the soundbar is not complicated and it doesn’t require any software. You can simply connect the soundbar using a 3.5mm cable, an optical cable or via Bluetooth. Most users note it might be worth investing in an optical cable for the highest playback quality.

This is how you connect the soundbar to your smartphone

In the JVC the D227B manual, the user can read about its Bluetooth connectivity steps. But pairing it to a smartphone is easy even without the user guide. Once the power is switched on, it can easily be found among detectable Bluetooth devices under ‘TH-D227B’.

JVC TH-D227B sound quality reviewed

JVC TH-D227B Review
JVC TH-D227B Review

The overall sound quality is impressive given its affordability and compared to Samsung, Panasonic, Sonos, and Sony alternatives. Many users refer to it as a go-to option for home entertainment on a budget. Apart from movies and music, it can be a suitable option even for gaming purposes, even without Dolby-level audio quality.

With 2 small speakers, the JVC TH-D227B 2.0 features dual 15W power audio for multiple types of audio content, even without a full surround sound experience as it doesn’t feature a subwoofer.

  • Crisp movie dialogues

Movie dialogue audio quality is sharp. While bass performance is not the best in the sound systems’ world, it’s still considered above average, without any complaints. An exception is made in terms of quality for those who already own an optical cable as it supports great sound.

  • Solid video games performance

The audio sharpness remains constant when playing games. With adjustable bass and treble, it’s clear it covers lows, mids, highs, and background noise as properly. Alternatively, you can connect good quality noise-canceling headphones such as those made by Bose for a private gaming experience.

  • Its indoor performance is sharp

Made for indoor use, the Bluetooth speaker covers small and medium rooms well. For large rooms, most users simply rely on higher audio volume which doesn’t come with any sound distortion. This has been proven by both Currys and PC World product reviews.

The remote control

Made with simple remote control, the tinny soundbar allows the user to adjust audio volume and skip tracks from anywhere in the room. 2 dedicated movie and music buttons for audio presets are also found on the remote control. At the same time, it replaces the TV remote control for volume adjustments and audio tweaks.

Quick treble and bass access buttons are also found on the remote control. JVC also added a helpful mute button which allows users to quickly cut off sounds when taking a phone call or when answering the door.


  • Included wall mount kit
  • Physical buttons for audio source and volume adjustments
  • Made with a physical power button
  • A coaxial cable is included in the pack
  • Ships with a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable


  • Optical cable sold separately
  • No HDMI connectivity

Possible JVC TH-D227B  soundbar drawbacks

Users new to the hi-fi audio world need to know JVC’s soundbar is not portable. Connected to the TV, it usually stays in one place and users rarely move it as opposed to mobile soundbars. This is also based on its power cable connectivity which doesn’t allow users to move it around the room.

Flat-screen TVs in the United Kingdom and in the US can also feature HDMI and RCA outputs, but the soundbar is mainly made for optical or wireless connectivity.

Final considerations

There are other advanced functions the soundbar supports. For example, it comes with a power-saving mode that automatically switches it off after 15 minutes of inactivity or when the sound level is too low. This eco-friendly function enhanced reduced power consumption.

With EQ buttons both on the soundbar and on the remote control, users can also tweak the audio profile as needed. Alternatively, users can solely rely on the soundbar even for volume adjustments without the remote control as it comes with separate volume buttons.

If you own the soundbar, feel free to leave a comment below detailing your TV sound experience. You can also check the product on Amazon if you want to use it to elevate the audio performance of your TV.